A Challenge for Every Month – Mending and Fixing

Back in August I managed to rescue two items that would have previously been destined for a lift on the shelf before falling into the landfill. I would use the term ‘upcycle’ here but it is more renewing.

I am pretty lucky as while I do not have a sewing machine or the associated skills (planning to learn these but this is an addition to a looonngg list of things I plan to learn) I do have a mother who made many of my clothes when I was wee and who used to make her own clothes. Thanks to her I have a lovely grey jumper with additional sparkle and a sleeveless top perfect for layering.

Grey Jumper with blue sequins and a eye patternThis jumper had been attacked by the moths that have taken up residence in my home last year (we have tried to get rid of them and hopefully it has worked). Lots of small holes meant that the jumper was unwearable – I had thought of wearing it with a bright top underneath but I worried all which would happen would be that the holes would increase in size. After a bit of deal brokering my mum offered to help me. She was little concerned that we wouldn’t be able to match the wool exactly which allowed us to try a technique that I have been fancying called ‘visible remend’ where you make the mend part of the design. Well my mum ended up running with this and chose some bright blue sequins to match the existing ones and after darning the holes covered them with the sequins. I think it looks great and I am really pleased, cheers mum!

The other item she helped me convert was a top I had that while lovely had a huge rip under the arm, so I cut the arms off and she helped me to tidy it up and then added the bias binding. The top had such a lovely drape on it that I am pleased I can still wear it and while it is starting to get a little cold to wear it (even with a cardigan in the office it was still a bit parky) when the weather gets warmer it will be great!

I am really enjoying trying to make my clothes last longer and learn some new skills. It is all starting to build up to a new challenge.


2 thoughts on “A Challenge for Every Month – Mending and Fixing”

    1. Cheers. I am chuffed it turned out so well but have to give full credit to my lovely mother, she is trying to teach me how to sew though.

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