Meet Quasar

On Tuesday night I had a lovely night out with a friend. She very kindly invited me up to her stables to have a shot with her new horse. Quasar is a beautiful beast, he is dapple grey and pretty tall – I would say around 15h. She has him on loan until May and is working to get him a little fitter, especially for the Spring – she loves hacking. I used him in the indoor school last night, it is a small-ish school (which secretly I am always pleased about as I didn’t have to canter him) but a good size for me to get to know Quasar.

It is always interesting riding a privately owned horse as opposed to the riding school ponies. He was really spritely to me, even though my mate kept referring to him as a donkey πŸ™‚ I did find it slightly difficult to think of what to do with him when left to my own devices. I did some circles, transitions, a bit of leg yielding and tried to focus a little on keeping my position correct to help him. I had so much fun it was ridiculous. I couldn’t believe how sensitive he was in some ways, the moment I applied my inside leg he willingly moved to the outside track – my main difficulty was in keeping him in trot!

Quasar and me at the stables
Quasar – what a cutie!

I am hoping that I will be able to pop up after work on a more regular basis to get to know him a little better. I also now have plans and have been digging out my dressage tests from last year, I think a warm up then a dressage test and then some exercises like serpentines and figures of eight would be really good. Of course this all depends on my mate letting me ride him again!

Quasar and me
A little bit of a poser?

Another positive was that while my nerves sometimes appeared I could settle them quite happily, part of that was definitely to do with being inside. I probably have to work up to a hack or working in their outdoor school. This weekend I will be riding twice and I can’t wait, it felt like an age since I rode when I got on Quasar and that was only just over a week!



2 thoughts on “Meet Quasar”

  1. This is fab to hear! I hope you do get to spend some more time riding him. Riding school horses tend to be a bit ‘blunted’ (for wont of a better way of putting it), merely by virtue of having had so many clueless novices sat on them giving them contradictory messages without realising it, so I would imagine a horse who’s much more responsive due to being more switched on would be a great confidence giver!

    1. I know exactly what you mean. It was quite interesting to ride a horse who responded quickly, also made me more aware of my position. Hopefully get to ride him a bit more although my mate wants us to go hacking – cue panic stations πŸ™‚

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