Horse Riding Nerves

Obviously you all know I am a nervous rider and that I have been having particular problems over the past six or seven months. I never stop trying to help myself overcome them or stop looking for different ways to help me understand them and stop them taking control. The ever lovely Annie of Cumbrian Heavy Horses fame has recommended NLP to me for the past year and I found a lass in the UK who specialises in working with riders and horses to overcome their fears. Unfortunately for me she lives in the South of England and works more with horses AND their owners, being without a horse I looked for information she might have that could help me and lo and behold I found the Become a Confident Rider self study course that she has created.

I am just starting out and am working on part one at the moment but even to have taken a step towards working out my nerves is a good first step. I will share all my thoughts and opinions on the blog as I work through the guides and let you know how I get on. I don’t expect a change to happen overnight but this time I need the change to happen within me and for me not to put my confidence and belief in others rather than myself.

Happy horse riding this weekend folks! I am off to a wedding so no riding for me but at least I will have gin! 🙂


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