A Positive Horse-y Style Update

Apologies for the time spent away from the blog a combination of my work going slightly hectic when I came back from holiday and a horrible head cold-y virus that wiped the floor with the Inelegant Horse Rider household. So here is three weekends of riding fun condensed into one post, because that’s the kind of excitement that happens here 🙂 Enjoy!

“Don’t worry, trust me – Sam is lovely. We put beginners on him”. This was a week past Saturday. Another week, another new horse – this is all good for me but I find it hard to believe I can ride any horse a stables assign me at the moment. Plus Sam was a giant. He is very tall, I think his shoulders were level with my head and I’m not short. Continue reading “A Positive Horse-y Style Update”



Last week we took the motorhome away for a few days, Mr Inelegant Horse Rider’s family are so sweet and let us borrow theirs whenever we fancy. It is a brilliant way to holiday, especially in the colder months and although it might not be considered as stylish as some of the vintage models I love the campervan. Of course I don’t have to drive it so maybe I should be quiet, on that front we had a few hairy moments as the wind and rain on the way back down the road was a little intense and scary.

We first went up to Durness, we arrived in the dark after an interesting route on a single track road for around fifty miles where a few huge deer decided to wander into the road, we were happy to wait for them to pass – the stags were truly magnificent. Luckily the pitch was pretty level (last time we used the chalks one of the them splintered and nearly took out my eyebrows) so we set up next to the cliffs and waited for sunrise. Even in the dark we knew we were somewhere special as the waves crashed off the rocks below the moon shone so brightly it showed us the big sky of the North. Durness is the one of the most north-westerly towns on the Scottish mainland, it is small and out-of-season it closes down a fair bit (totally understandably).
The Beach at Sango Sands Continue reading “Holidays!”

The 20 Day Sustainable Fashion Challenge – Online Shopping & Treat Yourself!

I already do a fair amount of online shopping and have no issue with it although I am haphazard – not really bothering to check sizing nor really thinking about what suits me. See jumpsuit/playsuit-gate and the two identical skirts I have only one of which fits (and I am currently wearing – inspired by this outfit post of the beautiful owl and accordion blog).

Let’s face it, this probably isn’t the most sustainable method of shopping although has provided my family and friends with some comedy moments. It doesn’t matter if it is 2nd hand or ethical if it doesn’t fit and/or I will never wear it. Continue reading “The 20 Day Sustainable Fashion Challenge – Online Shopping & Treat Yourself!”

The 20 Day Sustainable Fashion Challenge: Planning Your Wardrobe

Well I haven’t been great at keeping on top of the 20 day sustainable fashion challenge. I have been reading the emails and reflecting but not interacting as much as I would have liked to have done.

In order to rectify this I thought I would do a few blog posts on the challenges in the final days starting with an incredibly apt one about planning.

I am a firm believer in planning and planning my wardrobe is something I have always wanted to do, in fact in the past I think I might have been bold enough to suggest I did plan. Then I had to do an emergency dress run a fortnight ago and it reminded me that – well, no I do not plan. A little more planning would have saved me money and ensured I didn’t end up with a non-sustainable, non-ethical dress. (Sorry folks, my first purchase in years from a non ethical brand (that isn’t 2nd hand) and it was all down to a lack of planning). Continue reading “The 20 Day Sustainable Fashion Challenge: Planning Your Wardrobe”

The One Where I Try to be Positive

Aaaaarrghhh. That is all. No sorry, I will write a little more but if I start to whinge please let me know!

Yesterday on the beach I cantered in a group for the first time since….oh January. I had fun, my horse was itching for a good canter and I ended up leading the canter although then we had a lovely swerve to the left, so I got the activity but no direction. Next time 🙂 I was really happy with myself for this one, it has been in my head that I would be out of control in a group canter, that my horse would only respond to the other horses and not me. That wasn’t the case at all. I had been unsure about doing the group canter and starting to think these negative ‘I will be out of control’ thoughts but I stopped myself and thought of three positives ‘I can canter in control’, ‘I love cantering’ and ‘Ned has been listening very well so far, there is no reason to think he won’t now’ – and it really worked. This was one of the techniques I have been reading about in the first of my Become a Confident Rider wee workbook, called Self Awareness. Continue reading “The One Where I Try to be Positive”