The 20 Day Sustainable Fashion Challenge – Online Shopping & Treat Yourself!

I already do a fair amount of online shopping and have no issue with it although I am haphazard – not really bothering to check sizing nor really thinking about what suits me. See jumpsuit/playsuit-gate and the two identical skirts I have only one of which fits (and I am currently wearing – inspired by this outfit post of the beautiful owl and accordion blog).

Let’s face it, this probably isn’t the most sustainable method of shopping although has provided my family and friends with some comedy moments. It doesn’t matter if it is 2nd hand or ethical if it doesn’t fit and/or I will never wear it.

So the challenges on day 17 and 18 were perfectly timed! I have taken a note of my measurements, tried to focus myself on what suits me and been for a scout around my favourite ethical brands online. On a slightly different note I have actually unsubscribed to a fair amount of the brands’ enewsletters as I have started to hate having them clutter up my inbox (People Tree were getting particularly bad – I received 3 emails in one day from them). I am trying to minimise certain things in my life and the amount of personal email from companies can definitely be reduced. Baby steps in this respect at the minute. I do want to stress that I am a firm supporter of technology to enhance our lives just not perhaps overrun it which is something I have been guilty of in this in the past.

So to day 18 – treat day. To buy an item I need or to treat myself to something. Well luckily this was easy for me. I had actually booked a swedish massage for myself and a facial for one of my best mates as a birthday treat for her. We went to Ivy, a wee basement beauty salon in Edinburgh just a ten minute walk from the city centre. I used to go there regularly and love it! The products the owner selects are natural and not tested on animals and it is a friendly place with reasonable prices. I really recommend it, in fact I booked again for December! A massage, a curry and a catch up with one of my best mates – a lovely treat day! Oh and I may be ordering a jumper too 🙂


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