#SecondHandFirst – Taking the TRAID Pledge

I know it is December and I should be posting all festive stuff but I quickly wanted to rewind to November and TRAID’s inaugural 2nd hand first week. TRAID are a brilliant company, or I really like them anyway (you can see the leggings I bought from them last year here). They are London based, they take the clothing that is donated to them and use it as resources whether to sell directly through their shops or turn into new items then they use funds to help with education and to fund projects throughout the world. I also love the fact that they focus on a circular and sustainable approach with the addition of the education element and working to improve conditions for those in the traditional garment industry. As yet I haven’t made it to their shops on my annual pilgrimage to the big smoke.

I read the posts about #SecondHandFirst week with great interest and had planned to take photos each day with me wearing at least 1 item of 2nd hand clothing each day. However, turns out that my work and my brain had different ideas and I only managed a couple of days of photos and never did write a post until now!

I thought the whole idea of the #SecondHandFirst week was a great way of highlighting how great 2nd hand clothing can be – stylish, unique and relatively inexpensive while diverting wearable clothing from landfill. I don’t think that 2nd hand clothing solves the problems that are present in the fashion industry but there again I don’t believe there is one thing that will sort these problems out. One of the sad things about the ability to get bargains and nearly new or brand new items of clothing is due to the skewed relationship that exists with fashion at the minute.

Apologies if that sounds a bit negative, I don’t mean it too and I am totally converted to 2nd hand clothing – it has been happening slowly over the last couple of years mainly since the WWC. But it wasn’t really until I was looking for 2nd hand items for #SecondHandFirst week that I realised many of my current favourite items are 2nd hand!

TRAID have also been asking people to sign up to their pledge, pledge to source a percentage of your wardrobe as #SecondHandFirst. Well I reckon I am ready to do it! I am going with 60% of my clothing to be 2nd hand. I reckon that is manageable, I am accepting that some items I use will rarely be available via 2nd hand for example riding gear. I think I have mitigated that though by ensuring all the sports tops I own or purchase (though I haven’t needed to for ages) do for all the sports and activities after all running tops can be cycling tops can be riding tops can be yoga tops can be kettlebell tops. I keep an eye out for 2nd hand sportswear but I am fussy on that front!

Thinking of taking the 2nd hand plunge? I recommend reading these two posts by a wonderful blogger I just discovered Peggy Jobbins:

Also for inspiration check out my fellow Ethical Fashion Bloggers.

Do you enjoy 2nd hand shopping? Would you take the TRAID pledge? Have you made any amazing finds you want to share?


4 thoughts on “#SecondHandFirst – Taking the TRAID Pledge”

  1. Ah thanks so much for the mention. I’m with you about the fact that buying second hand does not solve the problems present in the garment industry. I think sometimes the fact that I can buy great items from the charity shop has meant that I haven’t appreciated the value of my clothes and have sometimes gone a bit mad in the charity shops. I’m scaling back ever so slightly.

    1. I loved those two posts so I felt they definitely needed a shout out ☺ I have found myself guilty of buying lots of items 2nd hand recently and have to try and keep a check on myself. It is the fact that there is so much choice in the charity shops and through eBay, it definitely is a symptom of the garment industry’s problems. It is tricky trying to navigate it all. I probably just need a slight moratorium on buying anything for a while!

  2. Yes I had great plans too for outfit posts everyday! So difficult to get photos in the morning when it is dark though. I agree second hand isn’t the answer to the problems of the clothing industry buying less and thinking about what you buymore is a really good start though.

    1. Exactly Ceri! Buying less and thinking more is spot on. Also agree about taking photos in the dark mornings, much as I love winter a bit more daylight would be awesome.

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