Yoga – Maybe not the place for goals

Yoga! Yoga! Yoga! How I bloody hate you at times πŸ™‚

Okay I actually really like yoga so that first sentence is simply wrong. but yesterday I felt quite deflated during my weekly yoga class. I try to do yoga a couple of times during the week myself and have a class straight after work on a Monday (perfect time). I am still really learning yoga and have always considered myself pretty inflexible – you know one of those people who can’t touch their toes!

I was moaning at the end of the class about would yoga ever stop hurting (I am happy to admit that yesterday was a bit of a moany, grumpy day in the Inelegant Horse Rider house, much better today) . Throughout each class I am generally in discomfort, like all my muscles at constantly asking WHY?? FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, WHY?? and my wonderful patient and sympathetic yoga teacher gently explained to me that actually manyΒ people are as inflexible as me, that to aim to be able to lie myself down over my legs or touch my hands to the floor isn’t a brilliant goal with yoga. Instead she suggested I focus on simply enjoying yoga, I have realised that the couple of times I have really focused on her words ‘Be kind to yourself, take in what you need from your practice’ I have found myself being much more accepting of not being able to do a particular pose or having to take a simpler position even though the previous week I could do it.

This isn’t exactly a new revelation here, I am sure many others have felt these feelings but at a time of the year when we start to look back over the year and forward to the next, start to plan goals and try to keep Christmas stress under control I think those words really come into their own ‘Be kind to yourself’. I haven’t met some of my goals this year but I plan to try and be more understanding about these things, I certainly think trying to remember these words when thinking of my riding would do me the world of good.

Oh and no riding last weekend due to the riding school alternating between frozen solid and rain sodden, ah well those horses need a holiday from me πŸ™‚


2 thoughts on “Yoga – Maybe not the place for goals”

  1. The yoga ego is such a difficult thing to deal with!

    I know when I was studying my yoga teacher training course I would get very frustrated that my body just didn’t forward bend the same way others would. After doing the anatomy section of my studies it dawned on me that not everyone is built the same way.

    That comparison with others isn’t productive and that sometimes accepting yourself at the level you are at will progress you further than you could accomplish by resisting and/or pushing. Despite my functional ‘differences’ from those flexi-forward benders, my progress is coming along and I am starting to love forward bends even if I will never get as ‘flat backed and forward’ as others.

    Glad to hear that you have found that acceptance of yourself. May many happy yoga-filled days lay ahead of you Xxx

    1. Cheers Katie, it might sound a little odd but it is nice to hear someone else mention they have been frustrated with not bending, and a yoga teacher too! I think there is a definite tendency to compare ourselves with others in nearly every area of our lives and it is rarely helpful, being inspired by others – well that’s totally different but that isn’t what I tend to do. I am hoping that I start to take this acceptance that I have found in yoga and move it to my passion for horse riding. Thanks for commenting.Xx

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