Alternative Wrapping Ideas – Wrag Wrap

Time to get festive folk! I have been trying to start making an effort to feel more festive. The tree went up last weekend (see my Instagram for proof), I have watched my first Christmas movie (Miracle on 34th Street), had a fair amount of mulled wine and started the usual exchange of Muppet Christmas Carol song lyrics with my sister. I am definitely starting to get into the Christmas spirit.

I have been trying to stick to a more ethical and sustainable Christmas ideals while keeping the traditions and joy of the season alive. I have been inspired by Kate at Sustainability in Style with her almost daily posts on ideas for being more eco at Christmas. It is a really good series of posts and definitely starts you thinking, I have even more lists of ideas for next year.

I have been focusing on gifts and gift wrapping this year, trying to ensure I get the balance correct between thoughtful, useful gift vs pretty, fun gifts – they don’t have to be mutually exclusive. On the gift front I think I have been doing okay and I am not about to start blogging about them just now, some people might read about what they have ๐Ÿ™‚

So I will chat a bit about my alternative wrapping. Basically I have tried out Wrag Wrap and also using fabric to wrap presents this year so far. Wrag Wrap is a neat idea. It is reusable wrapping paper. It is made out of fabric comes in a few different shapes and sizes with different coloured patterns on them, some lovely Christmas themed ones, and are fastened using the draw cords and buttons that are attached to the wrapping paper. It is a little late to get them for this Christmas but next year is always an option along with getting some for birthdays.

reusable wrapping paper showing the buttons and cords used to fasten

close up of reusable wrapping paper, gold with green deer and trees
Close up of the pattern, not sure what I expected of this pattern as it is exactly the same as on the website but it just isn’t as Christmassy as I had hoped
tube wrapped in reusable wrapping paper in pink and green pattern
This is a small crackle wrap. I really like this print.

So what did I think. I bought three of the options all in different sizes. The small crackle sheetsย are definitely for smaller gifts – a CD or book, something of that size. The larger stretch one was a real doddle to use, it is the first one I have used to wrap a present properly and give to friend I met at the start of the week. It was so simple, tie one end then stuff (sorry, I mean place really neatly) the gifts into the wrag wrap then tie up at the other end.

a wrapped present in the stretch reusable wrapping paper in gold with green deer
A cracker, a giant chocolate wrapper or something else entirely ๐Ÿ™‚

The verdict from my friend and colleagues was it looked like a cracker or a huge chocolate wrapper ๐Ÿ™‚ My friend also liked the fact that it is designed to be reused and passed on or passed back! I have been a little cunning in that manner as I have deliberately chosen friends and family members who I believe will like this idea and will use it again, or will have no qualms about handing back to me.

The only thing I didn’t like was…well it didn’t quite meet my expectations. The crackle wrap (which I haven’t used to wrap a gift properly yet) feels very odd and artificial, it does mean it is robust which is the point but I’m not sure I like it. The colours are also not quite what I expected and it is slightly tricky to get the right sizing. I actually bought a mediumย stretch wrap which was really far too big for my needs so I felt a little odd giving a present that felt a little like I had forgotten to put the whole present in it.

However, I would say these are very minor things and all in all I like the idea behind it and it does look nice. The main factor I think that is a little prohibitive is the price tag, I paid nearly ยฃ20 for three pieces of Wrag Wrap and let’s be honest that is a fair amount to spend on wrapping. So ultimate verdict – lovely idea, great quality but not sure I could afford to wrap everyone’s gifts this way. Next up my fabric wrapping with Christmas fabric, I am also looking at the old magazines I have in the corner and wondering if I can do anything with those ๐Ÿ™‚

How about you guys, do you always use wrapping paper? Have you tried reusable wrapping paper? What did you think? Any great tips or ideas that you fancy sharing that I could try next?


2 thoughts on “Alternative Wrapping Ideas – Wrag Wrap”

    1. Ooh I really wanted to try making my own using stamps and the normal brown paper but just seem to have run out of time. I also have a wee post about the fabric wrapping I have been trying and the old magazines I have been using. It is quite fun trying to wrap without buying wrapping paper. Next year I plan to be more organised though! I keep running out of ribbon.

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