January – A Month In Clothes Purchases

Hmmm ethical styleย yes, sustainable style- not sure this month will show me at my best on that front. January has flown by for me and somehow I have also managed to end up filling my wardrobe with new things. Mainly brand new ethical purchases but I reckon I may have to take an enforced break from clothes consumption. I can’t believe the tally I ratched up, with that in mind I am going to try and take a rough tally each month to try and pinpoint my consumption habits and reduce them. I am definitely a sufferer of ‘Oh that item will definitely complete my wardrobe and I will never buy again’ syndrome ๐Ÿ™‚

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Jog On

So what did I do at the weekend? Oh yeah – I became an official Jog Scotland leader! I am really excited about this, it has been on my mind to do this for a while but it came about really quickly in the end.

I have been running on and off for around nine years now and a major part of that has been thanks to the Jog Scotland group at my work. I have made great friends from this group (all the Team Bambi members were Jog Scotland members initially) and it helps me get motivated to get my arse outside for a run on those days where the weather is miserable or I feel like my head is going to explode at work.

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Planning and Possible Ponies

Image from Wikipedia
Icelandic Ponies – Image from Wikipedia

I like January! I might be biased as my birthday is towards the end of it but I still like it. Everyone seems to start the new year positively, or as positively as they can and I find my inbox and phone beep with people wanting to make plans.

This year my January has felt very much about planning. I had my first lovely invite on the 4th when some friends invited me to go to Iceland with them, we are only going for a couple of nights in February but I can’t wait. I decided to seize the initiative and pinned my mum down to a couple of dates to start our first sewing project, a dark green skirt. You will probably see the photos first on my Instagram but I do plan to blog about learning this skill, or starting to learn this skill.We had our first session a week past Sunday and while we were only pattern cutting I have already learnt a fair bit and had a laugh doing it. I have started poring over the sewing books I was given to look for the next project – I might be being over ambitious! ๐Ÿ™‚ Continue reading “Planning and Possible Ponies”

A New Year and Some Old Challenges

A Challenge for Every Month didn’t really happen last year. I think I achieved 6 out of 12 (see below for the gory details), a 50% success rate! I am one of those people who tends to look at everything slightly negatively (just mainly when it comes to myself, not the world ๐Ÿ™‚ ) and analyse things endlessly. I think reflection is a wonderful thing but endless analysis of your life can tire you out and can sometimes lead to inertia. To help me quite that frame of mind I am going with a 50% success rate and looking to achieve the remaining 6 this year. I think last year at times I found it difficult to devote time to some of the challenges I really wanted to get my teeth into so I procrastinated on them. Also there is the inevitable fact that sometimes after spending all day online in my day job sometimes I really don’t want to look at a computer screen when I get home. To counter that I am going to do more writing of my posts in notebooks prior to writing online, I have always done that especially for horse riding posts as I can often do that immediately after my experiences. Also who out there doesn’t love using a notebook?? I am also excited to keep up with some of the challenges I did complete last year. For example the mending and the months of not buying, plus the alterations of items that I no longer wear. Continue reading “A New Year and Some Old Challenges”

Two Rides In One Day? I Must be Addicted

Sunday was really a day of two halves here in Edinburgh, the morning was sunny and really quite warm in the sun but by the afternoon the clouds threatened rain and the wind started to drive through you. This meant two sets of riding in slightly different circumstances.

I rode Quasar again in the morning. This time we were in the outdoor school and worked on canter transitions and frankly just trying to keep him in canter. I think it really helped with my position as well, I could feel when I tipped forward whilst asking for canter and this meant keeping my inside leg on to keep him moving became trickier. Whilst Quasar is more forward going than a riding school pony he does have a lazy side and won’t just keep going to even the next corner. My mate also rode him briefly and it was a little like watching a masterclass. She was so confident when asking for canter and clearly knew how he would react to different techniques, he also came onto the bit for her the moment she sat on him something that I think I only achieved for around ooh ten seconds. I really enjoyed watching her and when I got back on I did get some good canters but even better I realised what I was doing wrong! A real education that one, plus my confidence increases each ride I have with them. As a wee treat at the end my mate suggested I canter part of the path back to the stables (don’t worry it is on grass and there were no people), I was a little worried but kicked him on and I loved it!! We were flying up the hill until Q spotted a couple of walkers on a path on the other side of the hedge, then we had a wee jump to the side.

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It’s That Time of Year…

So I know, I know it is the 4th of January and I should have had a 2014 review post up alongside a 2015 goals post if I was organised but hey, that can be a goal this year ๐Ÿ™‚

For me 2014 was a pretty nice year, I wrote a post about what I hoped to achieve at the start of the year and I thought I would review it although I also wanted to put some context around it all. I had a nice, positive year in the main as with everyone there were some low points in the main I have recorded those on the blog especially when related to my horse riding. I have also found this year more stressful workwise and I think my health and fitness suffered a little as a result. I have found this winter that I have had more illnesses and have felt rundown more often. However, I am lucky as I still really enjoy my job and I feel I need to have better methods of coping with stress alongside prioritising my workload more effectively.

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