It’s That Time of Year…

So I know, I know it is the 4th of January and I should have had a 2014 review post up alongside a 2015 goals post if I was organised but hey, that can be a goal this year πŸ™‚

For me 2014 was a pretty nice year, I wrote a post about what I hoped to achieve at the start of the year and I thought I would review it although I also wanted to put some context around it all. I had a nice, positive year in the main as with everyone there were some low points in the main I have recorded those on the blog especially when related to my horse riding. I have also found this year more stressful workwise and I think my health and fitness suffered a little as a result. I have found this winter that I have had more illnesses and have felt rundown more often. However, I am lucky as I still really enjoy my job and I feel I need to have better methods of coping with stress alongside prioritising my workload more effectively.

Anyway some things I am happy with from 2014:

  • I did my first sportive! I completed Tour o The Borders an hour quicker than we expected and had an amazing time. The training was great fun and I am all ready to sign up for the 2015 race and have been looking for other opportunities to ride my bike.
  • Well thanks to Cadfael the CdF I am now pretty happy riding a drop handlebar bike, something I wouldn’t have expected to be.
  • I have lost my riding confidence quite spectacularly but am starting to find it again and more importantly starting to feel that it is me that has the ability, not just relying on others. There are so many people I have to thank for this, not least my old instructor Pam Gray without whom I wouldn’t be riding anymore. All my riding buddies have kept me going through some pretty rough times on horseback and have never judged me (The Specials – as we are known – Β get a namecheck as they have all been wonderful as has my mate Beth who has let me ride her horse Quasar who has done wonders for my confidence). There are also the instructors and of course horses at the different stables who have really helped me in a myriad of ways πŸ™‚
  • I managed to get my canter seat on Tx at the start of the year and while it is gone for a wee wander I hope to have it back sometime soon.
  • I managed to visit the North West of Scotland, further North than I have ever been and it was wonderful. I am loving having access to my inlaws motorhome.
  • I ran a couple of races and while my ankle still has issues I am coming to accept that running long distances is out for the foreseeable future. Instead if I only got to run the Men’s Health Survival of the Fittest 10k around Edinburgh this year I would be a happy bunny. I haven’t laughed so much during a race in years. I also got to run with my Team Bambi girls again and that was brilliant.
  • Finally 2014 can’t be looked at without me mentioning the Scottish Referendum. I studied Politics for my undergraduate degree and I have remained interested and involved with Scottish Politics ever since. I didn’t mention my feelings much on the blog but I was (and remain) a firm supporter of independence for Scotland. It didn’t happen this time round but I had great fun discussing, persuading, debating and doing a little bit of “proper” campaigning. I joined the audience of a TV debate and heckled Ruth Davidson (in a nice way I swear πŸ™‚ ). After a few months of feeling slightly bruised (Edinburgh where I live voted No and I found that quite difficult) I am ready and primed to help out with campaigning for the Westminster election this year. Don’t worry there won’t be too much on the blog about it all!

So when looking at my specific goals for 2014, I met a fair few of them and some fell by the wayside – I have decided to learn from this and make only 2 goals for 2015 but more on those later. In 2014 I wanted to:

  • Try a Buy Nothing week – I actually totally forgot about this goal, I still want to try this but I have decided to attempt the Into Mind 30 day Minimalist challenge first and then I think I will be better placed to try this one.
  • Go on a cycle holiday – I didn’t manage this one either
  • Learn to swim properly – hmmm I didn’t manage this one, I’m beginning to see a pattern, in fact I’m not sure I even swam during 2014!
  • Go on a riding holiday – finally, yes I did this one even if it didn’t quite go to plan
  • Try bouldering – yes! I managed this one too but only the once, I would love to try and go again though
  • Gain more confidence in my riding and handling of horses – okay so we have kind of covered this above but I will also say that my confidence handling horses has improved evidenced today when I brought Quasar in from the field and dealt with getting him ready to tack up myself!
  • Gallop on a beach – nope but I have cantered myself daft on the beaches now and come next summer just you watch me fly along πŸ™‚
  • Learn to control a horse through feelages – hmmm I learnt a lot from Pam in the first quarter of the year and then the remaining three quarters were more about confidence building (or re-building). I am quicker to understand what’s happening if I stop focusing on my nerves and instead listen to the horse but this is an area to improve.

I also set myself a challenge for every month for my ethical and sustainable fashion side and I will review that separately I think just so you don’t fall asleep!

My goals for 2015, well this year I have gone for two simple ones designed to get me to a point I have wanted to be for a while. They are *drum roll*

  • Learn to drive
  • Pay off my credit card

I know neither are earth shattering but I feel both are achievable and will make certain other plans more possible.

I have been loving reading all the resolution posts and have enjoyed feeling inspired by them all. Let’s bring on 2015 with a bang folks. Happy New Year!!


2 thoughts on “It’s That Time of Year…”

  1. Exciting year ahead mes thinks! When I’m home I’ll go bouldering with you! My goals are to listen to my heart and intuition more and not let other peoples negativities affect me πŸ™‚ good luck with the driving, mirror, signal, manoeuvre wot wot!

    1. Yeah! IҀ™m looking forward to trying bouldering again so definitely up for that. That is a good set of goals. Hmm I reckon this driving malarky might take me a while to get used to.

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