A New Year and Some Old Challenges

A Challenge for Every Month didn’t really happen last year. I think I achieved 6 out of 12 (see below for the gory details), a 50% success rate! I am one of those people who tends to look at everything slightly negatively (just mainly when it comes to myself, not the world 🙂 ) and analyse things endlessly. I think reflection is a wonderful thing but endless analysis of your life can tire you out and can sometimes lead to inertia. To help me quite that frame of mind I am going with a 50% success rate and looking to achieve the remaining 6 this year. I think last year at times I found it difficult to devote time to some of the challenges I really wanted to get my teeth into so I procrastinated on them. Also there is the inevitable fact that sometimes after spending all day online in my day job sometimes I really don’t want to look at a computer screen when I get home. To counter that I am going to do more writing of my posts in notebooks prior to writing online, I have always done that especially for horse riding posts as I can often do that immediately after my experiences. Also who out there doesn’t love using a notebook?? I am also excited to keep up with some of the challenges I did complete last year. For example the mending and the months of not buying, plus the alterations of items that I no longer wear.

Oh and of course the clothes swaps which now seem to be part of my routine roughly every three months 🙂 I have one in a couple of weeks that I think I am going to go to, it is in a lovely bar that serves the best Raspberry Collins and I got my current favourite top from the last swap there. The Ethical Fashion Bloggers Community has also been re-formed by the lovely Ceri of the Ethical Fashion Blog fame, so if you want to find more ethical fashion and style enthusiasts or want to join us please do.

Other style ideas of the cards this year are tackling the patterns in the two sewing books I got given at Christmas (and learning how to use a sewing machine with my mum) and keeping up with my 60% 2nd hand first pledge. I know that fashion and style are perhaps already covered fully by the myriad of blogs out there but I enjoy writing these posts and I hope you enjoy reading them. And remember to check out my fellow Challenger for Every Month Jesse Anne O for her progress.

  • Attend/hold a swishing party – I have now attended 3 and love them, you can read about my first experience here.
  • Try to do the Fashion Revolution pledge with two items – I managed this one, you can read about it here and I also plan to do this again this year.
  • Have 2/3 months of buying nothing – I think I only managed one once I factor in 2nd hand items, going to try harder on that one this year
  • Post a week of ethical outfits – I could blame this one of the inability of me to take a decent photo of myself, but I would like to try this one and Mr IHR has gamely said he will take some pictures.
  • I would like to have “slow” fashion piece made by a ethical company/ a local designer so I can follow the process – I didn’t manage this one but I am planning on one of the few pieces I buy this year being from Totty Rocks so this one might happen
  • Spend a month mending the items I have to ensure they last a bit longer – I managed this one and after the discovery of Wunderweb my hemming skills are going great guns, still need to get some zips replaced though!
  • “Upcycle” (using that term so loosely as I am pretty terrible at making anything) some trousers I no longer wear into shorts – Yay I did this and then my mum put me to shame by upcycling a moth-eaten jumper and a top that had seen better days, she is a star that woman.
  • Learn more about the alternative ways of disposing of our clothing –  I have started looking into this one and plan to do more research this year
  • Learn more about how I can reduce the impact of washing my clothing – this is inspired by this post on Mrs M’s Curiosity Cabinet– not yet although I have changed my washing routine and air items rather than throw them in for the wash as part of my normal routine now
  • Investigate the various fibres that my wardrobe is made up of – still interested but not complete
  • Knit something -yippee I am progressing with this one, I can now cast on no problem and am getting quite good at the basic knit stitch, planning on trying to go to a workshop or two to help me with progressing further and making something but I am enjoying it!
  • Post some style inspiration posts using only ethical clothing companies – nope but still plan to

4 thoughts on “A New Year and Some Old Challenges”

    1. Hey Meg,

      Aha I forgot to update the link (I copied and pasted last year’s list of challenges into this post), I will update now. Love the new home and the new name, perfect for your blog.

    1. Hmm maybe an over ambitious list! You are more than welcome for the mention, I love your blog – the more people who know about it, the better ☺

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