Planning and Possible Ponies

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Icelandic Ponies – Image from Wikipedia

I like January! I might be biased as my birthday is towards the end of it but I still like it. Everyone seems to start the new year positively, or as positively as they can and I find my inbox and phone beep with people wanting to make plans.

This year my January has felt very much about planning. I had my first lovely invite on the 4th when some friends invited me to go to Iceland with them, we are only going for a couple of nights in February but I can’t wait. I decided to seize the initiative and pinned my mum down to a couple of dates to start our first sewing project, a dark green skirt. You will probably see the photos first on my Instagram but I do plan to blog about learning this skill, or starting to learn this skill.We had our first session a week past Sunday and while we were only pattern cutting I have already learnt a fair bit and had a laugh doing it. I have started poring over the sewing books I was given to look for the next project – I might be being over ambitious! 🙂

Another bonus to this January was that last May(!) some friends and I booked tickets to see the musical Wicked while it was in Edinburgh. Turned out we ended up seeing it on the last night (the 10th) and I adored it. I have wanted to see it for years and it was worth the wait. Oh my..the sets,the songs, the voice (Ashleigh Gray as Elphaba was incredible), the costumes (I have decided I want to sew Elphaba’s glittering black outfit) and the story – which I enjoyed although I know another friend who didn’t find it particularly engaging.

Last weekend I was back in London for work although I still found time to catch up with my sister and get to explore a little of the beautiful town Hitchin that she calls home now. I managed to meet the lovely Meg from Mrs M’s Curiosity Cabinet, we had coffee and I had a delicious cake at the Euphorium Bakery plus I managed to negotiate some of the London transport alone – I am a country chick although I still want to horse ride in Hyde Park 🙂 I also caught up with one of my best friends and have cocktails alongside a lovely meal in Crystal Palace.

I was in London for a Masterclass in Data Visualisation by The Guardian, it was really good and I am now actually planing to write a blog post about the class it was that good!

All this has meant no riding for me this weekend although that is probably a good thing as I appear to have bruised my tailbone in recent weeks and have to cut my lesson last week short due to the pain. Not that Seamus seemed particularly bothered by it all. The tailbone pain has also meant I haven’t been on my bike yet this year but I have managed a few runs which is nice and the ankle is holding up okay. One of my mates has also leant us his turbo trainer which is now all set up in the spare room and I can’t wait to give it a shot. Okay so it won’t have the Edinburgh hills but I can at least try and get back some of my bike fitness slowly and Mr IHR has already had a go.

I am also progressing nicely with the knitting but in order to actually help me make something instead of simply knit a giant scarf that’s of no use to man nor beast (well just now I have made a scarf for a cat 🙂 ) I booked onto a wee knitting workshop for the end of February to make a cowl scarf. This workshop will also teach me how to knit in the round which is something I am really keen to do.

Alongside all of these plans there have been the day to day work and meet ups as usual, like most other people I have also been trying to make some changes and have been crossing off some of the challenges from the 30 day minimalist challenge. One thing I might have to agree to disagree to this challenge on is the meaning of clutter and I plan to try and make my ideas clearer on that in a future blog post alongside a post about the meditation site Headspace.

Perhaps I have entered 2015 at breakneck speed and need to slow down but so far it has been fun, although I will admit I have had to cancel plans last night so I could just chill out 🙂 February is shaping up quite nicely and trust me if Icelandic ponies can be ridden they will be.

Happy January folks! I’m off to locate birthday cake, surely I can have some a few days in advance!


3 thoughts on “Planning and Possible Ponies”

    1. That is so great that you are getting your daughter involved in sewing. I think high school manage to kick the enthusiasm out of it for me but definitely enjoying it now! However not sure how this skirt will be turning out, when I held it up to me last night it looks a tad small!!

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