Jog On

So what did I do at the weekend? Oh yeah – I became an official Jog Scotland leader! I am really excited about this, it has been on my mind to do this for a while but it came about really quickly in the end.

I have been running on and off for around nine years now and a major part of that has been thanks to the Jog Scotland group at my work. I have made great friends from this group (all the Team Bambi members were Jog Scotland members initially) and it helps me get motivated to get my arse outside for a run on those days where the weather is miserable or I feel like my head is going to explode at work.

Jog Scotland is also the reason I am back running after my fall, left to my own devices I’m not sure I would  have ever got back into it. Although I freely admit it has been and still remains tough not being where you once were in a group or struggling on routes you previously breezed around.

BUT hopefully that’s where being a Jog Leader will help me as well as others. I want to motivate others into being active, in this case jogging but hell getting out and walking is great too. I want to help people enjoy themselves and help them through the tougher moments (god knows I have had them). Not everyone loves running immediately, I didn’t. I have certainly been forced to learn to be a little more patient with myself after the injury as for a while running just didn’t seem fun anymore. I want to ensure that I don’t make people feel like they should have done more or gone further or faster than they did. Making those first steps into a new routine is hard and then retracing those first steps after the initial attempts don’t stick can feel even harder but we have all been there and you can do it.

Some friends of mine were sweet enough to say that they thought I owuld be good as this, that when I run with them I help motivate them. Time will tell if this is true. I have ideas and thoughts but no real plans for the group as there are around seven jog leaders so it is a democracy folks. I like the idea my Tuesday and Thursday runs are no longer about me, they are about others, treating them as individuals and helping them reach whatever goals they have for jogging. Now where did I put my hi-viz tabard! 🙂


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