January – A Month In Clothes Purchases

Hmmm ethical style yes, sustainable style- not sure this month will show me at my best on that front. January has flown by for me and somehow I have also managed to end up filling my wardrobe with new things. Mainly brand new ethical purchases but I reckon I may have to take an enforced break from clothes consumption. I can’t believe the tally I ratched up, with that in mind I am going to try and take a rough tally each month to try and pinpoint my consumption habits and reduce them. I am definitely a sufferer of ‘Oh that item will definitely complete my wardrobe and I will never buy again’ syndrome 🙂

So the first purchase was a sales one from Nomads. These gorgeous slate grey hareem trousers. Already a firm favourite (when I visited my friend in Dahab I lived in the hareem trousers I borrowed from her) they will be even better in summer when I can wear them to work.

nomads hareem trousers
Clearly not me in this picture

Next up Patagonia waterproof trousers – a Christmas gift from my parents. For use on the bike, on the horses, out walking etc. I wanted slim cut ones specifically for the bike. While I have coped for many years without my own waterproof trousers there are only so many times you can turn up to work with a soaking wet arse or borrow a huge pair to ride in only to get stuck while dismounting and have no one help as they were all laughing too much (true story, I hung off one side like a limpet) – I plan to use these ones for many years to come.

Next two items come from the Howies sale, I must have mentioned my mild Howies obsession – at times I look as though I am being sponsored by them. I got a lovely redcurrant coloured merino wool/alpaca mix jumper which hangs perfectly and has this lovely almost lace effect on the sleeves. I also got an organic cotton tartan shirt, that is just so cute. I had been looking at them for ages but necessary?? Maybe not so much.

me in a furry hat and tartan shirt
Nice shirt, shame about the idiot wearing it!

Then a Marks & Spencer Limited Collection stripey top with a sheer panel at the top, 2nd hand from eBay.

Finally my new Finisterre insulted jacket arrived. It is forest green, thinner than I had thought but seems really warm and perfect for layering. It has a two way zip to allow me to wear it riding. This is the jacket I have wanted for a couple of years now and I am happy I finally have it, it also matters to me that it is not down filled. Iceland? pah! I’m ready for the cold.

So there you go, looking back over the list is feels like too much stuff, as though I went mad in the sales and bought junk but each of these items is something I did consider before purchasing. Realistically, yes I didn’t *need* any of these and that shopping ban is creeping ever closer. Perhaps another couple of months of checking in with my clothes consumption will make me take the plunge.


6 thoughts on “January – A Month In Clothes Purchases”

  1. I know the Howies jumper you’re speaking of. I’ve been lusting after it but haven’t caved (yet). Good to read that the Finisterre coats are thin but warm as I have one of those on my wish list 😉

    1. Not to make you want to cave but the Howies jumper is truly lovely. I have actually found it really warm, well except the arms ☺
      I am wearing my Finisterre coat today, it isn’t too long (perfect length for me, my parents described it as a ‘car coat’ which made me think of my wonderful late grandad who had a similar coat although beige!) and as it is wind resistant it makes such a difference in Edinburgh. Oh and it packs away so I can carry it home in my bag when I run home from work! Can you tell I love it?!

    1. Thanks, I guess I am never sure how much I let my ‘ooh, that’s lovely’ heart rule my ‘you have enough of those’ head. I think the hareem trousers and Howies items weren’t needed but I do love them and I really really like Howies stuff (I swear by their jeans). It feels like a big total this month but it might be the kick up the arse I need to quit for a year 🙂 Good luck with your challenge.

  2. The all sound like great things, but I know what you mean, sometimes getting things for christmas and then the sales can add up to a lot! Never heard of Finisterre, will check them out!

    1. Yeah I really do feel as though my wardrobe is bursting at the moment, it probably is at least partly due to the time of year, with all the lovely sales items I think I got carried away! Finisterre are brilliant! I am really happy I found their brand actually, the coat I bought is perfect for so many things.

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