Grinding to a Temporary Halt – on G Marker

The last couple of riding lessons have felt a little stale. Don’t get me wrong, I still love riding and Seamus is a total sweetheart but I have been mainly trotting and haven’t had much of the instructor’s focus – maybe ten minutes in total over two 45 minute lessons. That is just the way of things at time but it does frustrate me sometimes – such as today. I got a bit nervous during the exercise as I felt Seamus running with me and ignoring my aids. I stopped at the end of the ride rather than continuing round past them, after a minute or less of my instructor telling me I needed to relax rather than tense up I had changed my mind and wanted another shot but…well no time and others had to have a go. My chance was gone and I didn’t get to trot again let alone canter. 😦

45 minutes with 6 people one of whom is riding a new pony to get him used to the other horses (Seamus hadn’t even seen him before), it just isn’t long enough!! So next week apparently I just have to relax and go for it – I would prefer more practice at that.

Oh well I suppose a few positives to take from these last lessons are:

  • I have to entertain myself and Seamus – I can’t rely on anyone else – I have been doing just that, he listens most of the time and when we have a minor disagreement he usually comes round to my way of thinking πŸ™‚
  • I did canter with Seamus for around three strides last week
  • I managed to control the speed of trot a lot earlier in today’s lesson
  • I actually felt the physical change in Seamus when I relaxed instead of being tense

So apologies for the lack of updates on progress but as you can see it has been a little well….frustrating of late. I am looking forward to a trek with Icelandic ponies later this week then a hack and a lesson next weekend. I think getting out and about always helps blow the cobwebs away a little, still hoping I get Seamus again though!


One thought on “Grinding to a Temporary Halt – on G Marker”

  1. Stay positive. When in a rut it seems to feel like eternity, but it’s only a temporary spot. Perhaps you could have a private lesson or find a clinic or another instructor/friend that could help you. Good luck!!

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