The Journey Sew Far…

Well that’s a good pun right there, isn’t it? 🙂 Last weekend I met my mum for another wee sewing lesson. It is a really nice way for me to learn this skill – I get my tea, a cup of tea, a catch up with my parents and get some sewing skills too!

We had cut out the pattern the last time along with the interfacing now time for some stitching. Of course first thing I did was manage to sew the back panels together instead of the front meaning we had to unpick the stitching to allow space for the zip.

The pining and tacking all seemed straightforward to me although I’m slow and methodical at the moment. The sewing machine is the machine I remember from years ago, in fact I don’t remember my mum using a different one although she did have an old treadle sewing machine which I was fascinated by when I was younger.

In school I used to hate the sewing machines, being the impatient type I would stamp on the pedal then freak out as the machine gobbled up my material. But now I am older and wiser (?) now so I took it much slower and what do you know? It didn’t go too badly. They aren’t the straightest seams in the world but they aren’t the worst.

We are using iron on interfacing which meant while I sewed the front panels together my mum could quickly iron the interfacing on. Then I pinned and tacked the waist band onto the front panels and marvelled at the idea that this item will ever fit me (seriously it is looking tiny) then I packed up to head back to mine.

Next step for my skirt is starting to fit it…eep! I am already starting to look at the next pattern, I think I need to slow down and get this one out of the way!

It was also my birthday last week and my parents bought me this amazing fabric and my initial thought was some bunting for the house. Mr IHR is confused as to why but he has requested a pair of shorts from the fabric – loving his confidence in my sewing skills.

Swedish Horse Fabric

Oh and a final thing to mention, as a family we decided that 2015 was going to be a handmade Christmas (ideas on a postcard please). Well my sister has started early, arm knitting me this blanket for my birthday – pretty cool huh? Now to work out what I can make her before April…I know how about bunting??


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