A Little Update and A Few Links

During the middle of last week I flew off to Iceland with some friends to see as much as we could of this incredible island in a couple of days. I didn’t get to see any Northern Lights but I did manage to tick a few things off my bucket list 🙂 Namely – seeing geysirs in real life, swimming in the Blue Lagoon and of course riding an Icelandic pony in Iceland. Some pictures from the holiday and a full review of my riding will be coming although I might wait until after we have pooled our pictures so I ensure you get to see the very best of Iceland. I loved it, I would move there if I could.

This weekend was back to doing fun and exciting things in this little country I call home. Yesterday I hacked out at Seacliff then went a clothes swap and had dinner with friends, today I went for a wee run with a Team Bambi then had an uninspiring riding lesson BUT I do want to say that I feel jolted out of my rut riding-wise only to be put back in it today. I am planning a post on this whole week of riding experiences but I think I need time to work out and reflect on whether it is me that is simply being too sensitive or whether I need to change things up at least a little.

In the meantime I thought I would do a short post on some of the blog posts that have really jumped out at me this week. When I travel by train I love catching up with blogs and yesterday I got a lovely 40 minutes to immerse myself in some blogs. Some are new finds and others I have followed for a while, I thought I might do a little link post in case you hadn’t heard of any of these guys and might find these posts in particular interesting.

  • I wanted to link to this post in particular on the wonderful Seeds and Stitches blog. I think the honesty in this post is beautiful and reminds me certainly that looking after yourself is not a bad thing. These girls (Hannah and Davina) write a brilliant blog and their recent posts on No More Page 3 and Health and Fitness struck a chord with me.
  • I read a lot of horse riding blogs and this post by Sparrowgrass jumped out at me this week – it really reminded me of how others get on with things and work through things, I love the way Sparrowgrass always writes with complete honesty about owning and training a horse.
  •  I wanted to mention Miss West End Girl’s blog – I have only recently started following her and her blog is really fun and smiley, bright and colourful. I think her Friday hi-fives posts are a really nice way of giving a shout out to things that she has enjoyed recently on the interweb – hence this post!
  • If you ever needed reminding of how beautiful nature can be (and it is horrible outside so you can’t venture there) then try Winterthorne’s beautiful blog – this post in particular took my breath away with the pictures
  • Finally I really enjoy Sustainability in Style, Katie manages to hit the nail on the head with her posts and I particularly enjoyed her one on The Clear Out – I need to get my wardrobe under control this year, as I have mentioned ad nauseum, and Katie always inspires me to try and do a little more

So there you go, just a few posts and blogs I wanted to mention this week. I need to update my Blogs I Like information as there are tons more that I follow and enjoy.

Oh and here is a random Iceland picture because….well why not? Hope your weekends have been enjoyable.


4 thoughts on “A Little Update and A Few Links”

  1. I loved the seeds and stitches blog post too, it’s one of my favourite blogs too. This was a nice post as it’s led me to a few great blogs that I have never heard of, so thanks for that.

    1. It is a great blog isn’t it? I’m pleased that I was able to point you to a couple of good blogs, I think I might try to do this regularly as there are so many nice blogs and posts out there.

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