Rest In Peace P & Jm

I received some sad news this week. P and Jm, two wonderful horses at my regular stables passed away last week. Although P had been off work for the past wee while I always assumed I would ride him again and given his lovely friendship with Td I used to always make sure I gave him a pat and chatted away to him.

Jm is even more of a surprise as he has been in my lessons recently – racketing around and causing mayhem as he liked to do. Jm and I might not have gotten on brilliantly when riding together but he certainly had bags full of character and I will miss his mischievous ways.

Two brilliant ponies who will be greatly missed by everyone at the stables. They have both been mentioned on the blog before Jm for last year’s spinning fiasco and a fun, speedy hack. P was part of many of my private lessons, he taught me so much and I used to love having lessons with him – he could be unpredictable (in a really predictable manner) but loved to pin his ears back and sail over jumps or show exactly what he could do in dressage movements.

Jm the highland pony
Jm, look at that face like butter wouldn’t melt. This was after the fast hack #canteringatthespeedoflight
P and I jumping
P and I jumping, ignore my terrible jump position. P taught me so much, including to breathe out when jumping.

2 thoughts on “Rest In Peace P & Jm”

    1. Thanks, they were both really well loved – even though I fell off P he remains one of the ponies who taught me so much. Jm just made me smile all the time, he would always come over for a scratch and a chat even if I wasn’t riding him and he took me so carefully over the jumps. He was brilliant with kids and used to be able to change my mood around when I rode him. They both will be really missed by everyone.

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