Ready for Our Close Up

After weeks (months??) of promising photos of our Seacliff adventures here are a bumper crop taken on last Sunday’s hack with my best horse-y buddies. One of our motley crew was unfortunately unable to make it and it started to rain while we were on the beach but it was fantastic anyway.

It took me a while to gain my confidence in the canter again, Flame is not slow all the time! In fact the instructor took me for some one on one canters, explained various techniques to help me with my balance on Flame including pushing him on in the canter and to trust in myself that I am riding him and controlling him not simply being pulled along. She was absolutely lovely to ride with and my confidence grew so much that by the end I was doing group canters πŸ™‚

She also made sure to canter one-on-one with the other girls too and gave them tips and comments too. Here are a few pictures from our morning out and about. Apologies for the fact my fingers are in some of them, that’s what happens when I am riding and taking pictures!

The three of us on the horses in front of the view
The three amigos – L-R Me on Flame, Heather on BiBi and Gemma on Vicky

Gemma & Vicky, they are really well matched.
Heather and Bibi
Heather & Bibi – I didn’t get the memo about wearing pink πŸ™‚
This is my favourite picture - and its not even mine! Taken by Gemma.
This is my favourite picture – and its not even mine! Taken by Gemma.
Two horses through Flame's ears
Hoof prints in the sand, preparing to head up the hill
Vicky and Zoom heading up the hill
Leaning forward, told you the hill was steep πŸ™‚
Bibi at the stables
Bibi looking cosy after the hack
All tuckered out…or maybe not. Flame at the end of the hack.

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