Woolly Workshop at Ginger Twist Studio

A few weeks ago I had a couple of sessions learning to knit at the lovely Ginger Twist Studios in Edinburgh. I have tried to learn to knit a few times before, my mum has shown me the basics previously but she doesn’t like knitting and I have real issues with tension. I manage to knit so tightly that essentially I make woollen armour.
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Anna and the Scary Waves

Urgh head colds are horrible aren’t they? I have had one since Friday but I still managed to drag myself out my bed and to the train for my (nearly) weekly trip to Seacliff. For the first time I cycled to the stables from the station, it didn’t take too long but felt tough – that should have probably been a hint that I wasn’t well.

On Friday evening I had another lesson with Houston and while it was enjoyable I did get incredibly nervous at one point and we had to stop with the faster work we were doing. The instructor did suggest that the snorting of the horse and the fact she had tripped seemed to make me tense, that’s interesting and something I need to work with. We did manage one canter and the fact that their horses are much faster in the canter is proving good for me. Continue reading “Anna and the Scary Waves”

Iceland – Winter Wonderland Part 1

At the start of February I travelled to Iceland for a wee two night, three days break. We stayed in Reykjavik and only explored a tiny fraction of what this amazing island has to offer. I also rode there, Icelandic horses are incredible, and I will be doing a full review of that experience as well.

Outside plane landing in Iceland

On day one we arrived in Iceland at quarter past two in the afternoon after a flight where my flying nerves were steeled by the 50% proof vodka the lovely lads I ended up sitting with were kind enough to give me. We had already had done a fair amount of planning for the trip, with such a short space of time we had an itinerary and everything to maximise our time. Continue reading “Iceland – Winter Wonderland Part 1”

Cheers Mum!

Happy mothers’ day! I thought today I might post a wee blog post kind of about my mother (she would hate me if I did a full post actually about her). I have three items of clothing that I essentially stole from her wardrobe, all are denim and all are from the 70s. I love them and they are brilliant in the way they fit and of course are unique and have their own story behind them. The denim shirt I actually wore as a teenager so as well as reminding me of my mum it also brings back memories of the odd layering choices I went through at school – I wore it with purple chenille (anyone else remember chenille) jumper and thought it looked awesome – luckily no photographic proof remains of most of my bizarre fashion choices, that has to be a rite of passage hasn’t it? Some bizzare clothing choices you put together and will remember for the rest of your days, I remember in my school it seemed to be a challenge of how long you could go in Autumn before finally sucumbing and wearing a jacket to school – I live in Scotland, you should always wear a jacket in Autumn in Scotland!! Okay I have drifted off course there.

My mum dug out some great pictures of her wearing the jacket and shirt for me to share with you guys. I’m not sure anything I own will last as well as these have, perhaps my Totty Rocks mac, but I hope these denim pieces last me even longer.

Doing double denim on a motorbike
Doing double denim on a motorbike

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Confidence Nudges

Apologies for the delay in posting this week. Normally I try to post early in the week, reflecting on the weekend’s adventures but this week has already managed to run away with me. On Monday I did a presentation to a larger group of colleagues than I am used to presenting to, and I am happy to admit I was really nervous beforehand. I’m not sure I am cut out for public speaking, I find it nerve racking and while happy to chat and present to small groups of people – make me stand up and hand me a mic and I start to talk faster and faster, pretty sure I mumble and I forget some of the facts I wanted to say.

There was meant to be a colleague presenting with me on Monday but due to illness I stood up there alone and spoke. Now I have minor presentation amnesia meaning I rarely remember the full presentation I give but it seemed to go okay, I got across all the points I wanted to make and I didn’t sound like an idiot in front of my bosses and colleagues, success I feel. I even got a lovely mention on Twitter where someone said I was a delightful presenter – which is wonderful praise to receive. Continue reading “Confidence Nudges”

Sharing the fun!

Just a quick update today on the horse riding antics of the weekend. I badgered some work colleagues into joining me at Seacliff on Saturday and they seemed to really enjoy it. One had ridden there a few times before and was a very good rider while the other hadn’t ridden much but enjoyed her time in the saddle.

Horses on the beach in front of the bass rock
Somehow the background on this doesn’t look real does it?

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