Sharing the fun!

Just a quick update today on the horse riding antics of the weekend. I badgered some work colleagues into joining me at Seacliff on Saturday and they seemed to really enjoy it. One had ridden there a few times before and was a very good rider while the other hadn’t ridden much but enjoyed her time in the saddle.

Horses on the beach in front of the bass rock
Somehow the background on this doesn’t look real does it?

I had the ever reliable Flame, however this time he was so strong and constantly pulling me forward, snatching the reins and fighting me that my nerves came back and I only cantered him once. I am a little frustrated with myself as I need to be able to ride horses whatever they feel like in my hands, especially as I had Flame under control at all time (oh the wonders of hindsight).

One thing I do love about horse riding is sharing my favourite places to ride with others, I loved taking my 3pm crew to the Cumbrian Heavy Horses last year, taking my friend who has barely ridden to Seacliff last June then taking the two lasses on Saturday. They also introduced me to Steampunk a wonderful coffee shop in North Berwick afterwards where I managed to get vegan truffles to make up for my lack of cake.

An interesting comment that was made on Saturday from the girls I was riding with plus the leaders or the ride and the owner of the stables was that I don’t seem to have much self confidence or belief in myself (certainly where riding is concerned). I would tend to agree (only ooh around a hundred people or so have said that to me in the last year 🙂 ) but the bigger question remains, how do you find your self confidence? Answers on a postcard, or in the comments. Hope you all had an awesome weekend.


4 thoughts on “Sharing the fun!”

    1. Thanks for the comments. I might use that, I keep coming back to the fact I haven’t given up and I know it is because I enjoy it so much but man these nerves just frustrate me so much at times.

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