Cheers Mum!

Happy mothers’ day! I thought today I might post a wee blog post kind of about my mother (she would hate me if I did a full post actually about her). I have three items of clothing that I essentially stole from her wardrobe, all are denim and all are from the 70s. I love them and they are brilliant in the way they fit and of course are unique and have their own story behind them. The denim shirt I actually wore as a teenager so as well as reminding me of my mum it also brings back memories of the odd layering choices I went through at school – I wore it with purple chenille (anyone else remember chenille) jumper and thought it looked awesome – luckily no photographic proof remains of most of my bizarre fashion choices, that has to be a rite of passage hasn’t it? Some bizzare clothing choices you put together and will remember for the rest of your days, I remember in my school it seemed to be a challenge of how long you could go in Autumn before finally sucumbing and wearing a jacket to school – I live in Scotland, you should always wear a jacket in Autumn in Scotland!! Okay I have drifted off course there.

My mum dug out some great pictures of her wearing the jacket and shirt for me to share with you guys. I’m not sure anything I own will last as well as these have, perhaps my Totty Rocks mac, but I hope these denim pieces last me even longer.

Doing double denim on a motorbike
Doing double denim on a motorbike


My favourite denim jacket when it was first worn
My favourite denim jacket when it was first worn

My mum remembers buying the shirt from a shop called Mushroom in the Tollcross area of Edinburgh in the mid 1970s. Mushroom had sewing machines at the back for alterations and customisations but also sold ready to wear items such as the shirt. I really like the idea of a shop having sewing machines in it, it also reminds me how common it was back in the 70s for people to make and customise clothes.

On that note over the past year my mum has not only done her usual job of helping boost my confidence when I am down, check me when I am being irrational and making me laugh so hard I cry she has also been teaching me to sew, look at what we have made so far πŸ™‚

It looks like a skirt!! That makes me happy.
It looks like a skirt!! That makes me happy.

Thanks mum, Happy Mother’s Day!

Can you tell where I get my cheesy grin from!
Can you tell where I get my cheesy grin from!

5 thoughts on “Cheers Mum!”

  1. Love it, I had a dark brown corduroy sports jacket I borrowed of my dad, he had it Taylor made in Liverpool in the late 60’s and I wore it for a large chunk of the 90’s lol he has recently taken it back and is wearing it again

    1. I love the fact he has taken it back again to wear! I have told my mum she will have to wrestle these away from me if she wants them back. πŸ™‚

      1. Lol fit’s him better than me those days, all the fresh air, sunshine and mucking about with horses I’m broader across the shoulders πŸ™‚

    1. Soon Hannah, I promise! It just has a zip to be fit, hemmed and I think that will be it done. I’ll have made something! Quite excited about that. Oh and I meant to say super jealous you were at the WOW festival, I think I have to plan a trip down next year for it. Looks like such a good event.

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