Woolly Workshop at Ginger Twist Studio

A few weeks ago I had a couple of sessions learning to knit at the lovely Ginger Twist Studios in Edinburgh. I have tried to learn to knit a few times before, my mum has shown me the basics previously but she doesn’t like knitting and I have real issues with tension. I manage to knit so tightly that essentially I make woollen armour.
ginger twist studio

I think I have mentioned before that after one too many gins at Christmas my sister floated the idea of a handmade Christmas this year and I enthusiastically agreed. The next day I remembered I can’t actually make anything! So this year I have been attempting to learn some skills and also because I would like to be able to make some of my own clothes and accessories.

In this frame of mind I booked onto a workshop to learn to knit a cowl in the round. Over two Sundays I sat in the small shop with 3 others studiously learning to cast on, knit stitch, purl stitch and how to cast off. My cowl progressed slowly and my tension is still off but at least I can get the needles through it.

It was really useful for a beginner like me to have someone there to ask questions to and to get her to check what I was doing, to explain the different stitches to me and to help me see knitting in the round isn’t too tough. I enjoyed it, made all the better by the wonderful Jessie making us cups of tea in the cutest vintage teacups. I should apologise to my fellow workshoppers as I am super chatty so ended up prattling away but the cowls everyone was producing looked great.

navy knitted neckwarmer
It is finished!!

I am going to make another neckwarmer, which is what the pattern is rather than a cowl to help me practise more. I manage to turn the wool at one point while knitting so there is a change in the stitches at a random point, I also dropped a stitch or two but it still looks cool – or I think so because I made it. πŸ™‚

After the neckwarmers I think I will try for a hat or something. There was also a great pattern for a scarf on one of the other blogs I read that I would like to knit for one of my best mates’ daughter. I figure if I start now she might get it at Christmas!

I loved my experience at Ginger Twist Studio so much I have signed up to a beginner’s crochet class in April. I’m really enjoying making things but I’m having to be careful about buying lots of patterns and yarn or material as I’m a little worried that I’ll get overwhelmed and give up. Slow and steady, that’s my plan!


2 thoughts on “Woolly Workshop at Ginger Twist Studio”

    1. Cheers! IҀ™m really pretty chuffed to have even made my wee neckwarmer, I think I just need to keep practising and make sure it becomes something I do each week. I found it really relaxing. If you have any patterns you would recommend please let me know.

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