Fashion Revolution Day Roundup

It was wonderful on Friday to see my Twitter, Instagram and Bloglovin’ feeds fill up with pictures, tweets and posts about Fashion Revolution Day.

I sent a couple of tweets and posted a couple of pictures. I am giving Finisterre the benefit of the doubt for not responding to my Instagram request – I think I should have stuck to Twitter or done both in relation to asking #whomademyclothes. I will be following up with them anyway. Boden got back to me on Twitter very quickly asking me to email them my product code and they would send me the information. I sent the email on Friday but still haven’t heard back yet – I will definitely keep on at them. Continue reading “Fashion Revolution Day Roundup”


Fashion Revolution Time!

Friday is Fashion Revolution Day. It is held on the 24th of April each year to raise awareness of the problems that exist in our fashion industry. It reminds us of how divorced many of us have become from how our clothes are actually made and reminds us to look a little deeper into our clothing purchases and ask #whomademyclothes?

It is held on the 24th of April as that is the anniversary of the collapse of Rana Plaza in Bangladesh where 1133 people were killed and over 2500 people were injured, the majority working in the garment industry. All at once images were across all media showing us the people who made many of the clothes that stock our shops, clearly depicting and answering the question who makes our clothes. But two years on once again it feels as though they have disappeared from sight and even when garment workers are depicted in media it often feels as though they are shown as one mass of people and not skilled workers who created items we enjoy wearing. As I have mentioned before I have only made one skirt but the time and effort that went into that makes me have so much respect for people who work in the garment industry.
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30 Days of Biking – Gearing Up for Spring

the view from queen's drive, edinburgh

Sorry for the break in blogging, there has been no particular reason for it. I have found it difficult of late to write and with my riding in particular there has been a bit of a low point last weekend where I felt nearly ready to throw in the towel and accept that I just shouldn’t be a rider. I am feeling much more positive about it now and even the hours afterwards I picked myself up and decided that the negative, dwelling on the lows didn’t seem to be getting rid of my nerves so perhaps I just need to not focus too much upon it. Continue reading “30 Days of Biking – Gearing Up for Spring”

Iceland Day 2 – The Magical Golden Circle

Day two in Iceland we were up early and out on the road by quarter past eight – which seemed to be rush hour in Reykjavik but it was still really pretty chilled. We took a brief tour off the beaten track around the back of a Bonus supermarket. Top tip the big supermarkets all seemed to be opening around 10 o’clock – plan ahead for road trip snacks.

We had decided to drive the Golden Circle tour ourselves rather than do one of the organised tours and I can’t recommend it enough. It meant we could spend as long as we liked at the various stops and we could pull over when we wanted. We did just that, as the sun started to rise we had already turned off the main road and the entire landscape was sparkling and glittering as the sun rose.

The dawn breaking on the road in Iceland

A lovely Icelandic dude stopped to check we were okay which was so sweet. Continue reading “Iceland Day 2 – The Magical Golden Circle”