Iceland Day 2 – The Magical Golden Circle

Day two in Iceland we were up early and out on the road by quarter past eight – which seemed to be rush hour in Reykjavik but it was still really pretty chilled. We took a brief tour off the beaten track around the back of a Bonus supermarket. Top tip the big supermarkets all seemed to be opening around 10 o’clock – plan ahead for road trip snacks.

We had decided to drive the Golden Circle tour ourselves rather than do one of the organised tours and I can’t recommend it enough. It meant we could spend as long as we liked at the various stops and we could pull over when we wanted. We did just that, as the sun started to rise we had already turned off the main road and the entire landscape was sparkling and glittering as the sun rose.

The dawn breaking on the road in Iceland

A lovely Icelandic dude stopped to check we were okay which was so sweet.

The Golden Circle comprises of the Thingvellir National Park, Geysir & Strokkur and Gullfoss waterfall. I am going to let the pictures do the talking here, I found it all breathtakingly beautiful and adored the geysirs. The addition of friendly ponies was the icing on the cake. A stunning landscape and so different in the summertime I am sure.

That night we headed to a fish restaurant and as they had no veggie options (the one thing I thought was veggie was made with meat stock) they made me a lovely salad with grilled veg and fruit. It was delicious and the others loved their seafood and fish dishes. The we had some incredible ice cream, something I didn’t expect to find. Another couple of drinks then back for a few hours kip before the final days adventures.

Three people jumping in the snow

Thingvellir National Park

National Park

National Park

National Park Lake

National Park

National Park

Three idiots posing
Never miss a photo op people 🙂

National Park 3 people walking

Ponies in the field

The sun breaking through the clouds
Amazing light!
Pony and People
Horse group selfie
Icelandic horse
He is beautiful, can I fit him in my carry on?

The Geysirs

Geysir erupted

Geysir park

Geysir park

Gulfoss Waterfall

Gulfoss Falls
Gulfoss Falls

Gulfoss falls

Gulfoss Falls

Climbing the steps at Gulfoss Falls

Icelandic horse signs
The right idea – a horse right of way! Oh and note the horses are actually Icelandic horses
Hills and snow
Heading back to Reykjavik

See Iceland Day 1 here


2 thoughts on “Iceland Day 2 – The Magical Golden Circle”

    1. You should go! I loved it. The only thing was the driving, there are so many wonderful things to see but they are a wee distance apart. Definitely going to head back.

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