Fashion Revolution Time!

Friday is Fashion Revolution Day. It is held on the 24th of April each year to raise awareness of the problems that exist in our fashion industry. It reminds us of how divorced many of us have become from how our clothes are actually made and reminds us to look a little deeper into our clothing purchases and ask #whomademyclothes?

It is held on the 24th of April as that is the anniversary of the collapse of Rana Plaza in Bangladesh where 1133 people were killed and over 2500 people were injured, the majority working in the garment industry. All at once images were across all media showing us the people who made many of the clothes that stock our shops, clearly depicting and answering the question who makes our clothes. But two years on once again it feels as though they have disappeared from sight and even when garment workers are depicted in media it often feels as though they are shown as one mass of people and not skilled workers who created items we enjoy wearing. As I have mentioned before I have only made one skirt but the time and effort that went into that makes me have so much respect for people who work in the garment industry.

So on Friday when you choose what you are going to wear that day, when you decide what items to put on that help you feel like you and give you that boost of self confidence that your style does, pause for a minute and take a picture of the garment. Tweet, Facebook or Instagram the brand and simply ask them #whomademyclothes? so you can thank them!

Last year I contacted Joules about who made one of my favourite jackets and I got no response – the garment is a good few years old now but I still think a response should have been given to me. This year I plan to contact them again along with another couple of brands. Are there any particular brands that you want to contact?

I am giving the final words of this post over to the wonderful Lucy Siegle, this quote is really spot on.


6 thoughts on “Fashion Revolution Time!”

  1. Good to see you are still very much engaged in ethical and sustainable wardrobe issues. I emailed Boden numerous times a few years ago. Finally after tweeting that they were obviously not interested in this subject matter as they hadn’t bothered to answer 6 months of emails I got an answer. A very unsatisfactory one, mind you. Still the more people who question, and question, openly the better!

    1. Ahh interesting Meg as I have Boden on my hit list this year. I have a fair amount of 2nd hand clothing from Boden and thought that they *should* have good, transparent supply chains – let’s see the lack of response from them. I realised that while I am continuing with my interest in all things sustainable and ethical style I haven’t been posting much about it all, I will have to get that sorted! I am however loving learning to sew, knit and crochet – I am now that annoying person who twirls about in their skirt going ‘I MADE this’ – purely for the fact that all I have made previously is a mess ☺

    2. Good news! Boden responded quickly to my tweet saying to email them the code on my top and they will send me all the details. I will let you know how I get on but that is a bit of progress on the 6 months of ignoring your emails.

    1. Yeah I am too, I was hoping it would be a nice antidote to the lack of information from Joules . I haven’t heard much about American Apparel over here, I have thought about buying their stuff but never actually given over my cash – I am off to Google the news stories about them now!

    2. I got a quick response to my tweet to boden! They said I have to email them my code and they will send me the details.

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