Fashion Revolution Day Roundup

It was wonderful on Friday to see my Twitter, Instagram and Bloglovin’ feeds fill up with pictures, tweets and posts about Fashion Revolution Day.

I sent a couple of tweets and posted a couple of pictures. I am giving Finisterre the benefit of the doubt for not responding to my Instagram request – I think I should have stuck to Twitter or done both in relation to asking #whomademyclothes. I will be following up with them anyway. Boden got back to me on Twitter very quickly asking me to email them my product code and they would send me the information. I sent the email on Friday but still haven’t heard back yet – I will definitely keep on at them.

Feeling inspired I tweeted Joules again who I heard nothing from last year and still it is just radio silence – I guess it really doesn’t matter to them about answering customer enquries or showing transperency in their supply chain. I am really disappointed with Joules as they use the tagline “Established in the fields of Great Britain” and it simply feels trite and too much like a marketing gimmick if they can’t even be bothered to respond to a basic question such as that.

I also tweeted about the wonderful design duo Totty Rocks who design and make all their clothes in their Edinburgh shop as I always like to mention local makers when I can. Plus I adore their clothing. I am coveting this playsuit of theirs – I would definitely suit this one.

Tartan Playsuit by Totty Rocks
Image from Totty Rocks website

It is also a good time to remind myself that last year I took the Traid pledge and I’ll post about how that is going soon – I have also been doing an inventory of my clothing to try and remember what I actually have in my wardrobe. While I generally find out what I can about the companies I buy from and often try out eBay or charity shops first I want to know more about my clothes in general, who made them and the fabric they are made of (some fellow ethical fashion bloggers have been writing about fabric this month and it has been fascinating to read more about the various fabrics – merino and cotton I already knew about by rayon and lyocell I didn’t know that much about). I think Fashion Revolution Day is so important to ensure we do not forget about the people behind our clothing but it should be someting we continue throughout the year, questioning a company about their supply chain is not a big thing and we should all be aware of what went into our clothing. After all it seems like a simple enough ask that others don’t suffer for my tshirt.

How did you get on with contacting comapnies? Are there any companies you would like me to ask #whomademyclothes?


2 thoughts on “Fashion Revolution Day Roundup”

  1. Good luck getting a reply out of Boden. A few years back I queried their ethical and environmental credentials and it took me over six months to get a reply, that completely missed the point, suggesting to me that ethical and environmental issues are not on their agenda. Annoying, because like Joules, it projects itself as a British company with family values.

    1. Personally I find it really interesting that they were quick to respond to my tweet that is very much in the public domain but haven’t followed up on my email with same speed. I was hoping that Boden had improved their customer service and ethical and environmental credentials after your experience but I am not yet convinced – I will be a very happy bunny if they prove me wrong though.

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