I Made a Skirt!

20150428_202816So I made a skirt! Then I finally took some pictures of it. I am really pleased with this skirt actually, I think it fits really well and has turned out to work with nearly ever top I have.

me in green skirt with ducks

The pattern is a pattern by Simplicity 1717 – Misses’ Amazing Fit Skirt and it was actually chosen by my mum for our first sewing project. Initially I had my reservations having purchased Love at First Stitch by  Tilly Walnes I was keen to start with her patterns but I decided to leave the decision to the experienced sewer and we set out to buy fabric. We bought from John Lewis for this skirt, a heavier cotton fabric in a dark green and we got the zipper and lining to match. Now that I know what to look for and I am starting to understand a bit more about fabrics I would be happier to shop online but the sales person in John Lewis was a brilliant help and answered all my daft questions without being condescending and even told me to go back in to show her my skirt!

It took quite a while to sew this skirt. I found it complicated with all the notches and the fittings but it really all was worthwhile to get the fit on the skirt just right. I enjoyed the cutting, pinning, tacking and sewing – my confidence definitely grew with each shot on the sewing machine. I doubt I would have been able to tackle this project without help from my mum, and I really appreciate all the help she is giving me. She did do a couple of things without me, as the zipper foot she has couldn’t be attached (me, my mum and my dad all tried – it simply isn’t happening) she finished inserting the zip and did sew in the lining. I hemmed the skirt myself using a technique she showed me and then I had a finished skirt! The first thing I have ever made!

me in green skirt with cat

I would say this is maybe an advanced beginner pattern, I certainly want to make a short version of the skirt at some point but the most important things about the skirt:

  • It doesn’t blow up in the wind (seriously Edinburgh what the heck is going on at the minute)
  • I can cycle in it comfortably (I have a bike with a crossbar so this is great news)

All in all I am a happy budding sewer and I even managed to take some outfit pictures although I am still not comfortable in front of the camera.

wearing green skirt in garden

*Outfit details - Jumper 2nd hand from my mother - Whitestuff, leggings - Braintree clothing, Boots - 2nd hand Primark from eBay, Brooch - present 
from my parents

10 thoughts on “I Made a Skirt!”

  1. Congratulations on finishing your first sewing project. It looks grand! I love the colour and the whole outfit* combo! I found when I started stitching some of my own clothes, even simple A-line skirts and shift dresses, I really started to understand what makes a good cut / good use of fabric. It made me an even more discerning shopper as it is easier to assess whether the workmanship is quality when you’ve had the first hand knowledge of making a garment. I hope there are many more fun projects!

    * The top reminds me of some of Susan Crawford’s vintage knitting patterns. I’m currently trying to work out whether I can justify buying her A Stitch in Time book.

    1. Thanks Meg. I am pretty pleased with it. Yes, I have found myself looking at my clothes differently and examining stitching on clothing when I do wander into shops and that’s only after sewing one skirt! The jumper is one of my favourites and I do entertain a secret idea of knitting myself one, although I think that won’t be for some time 🙂

    1. Thanks, unfortunately I have managed to wear through the front of the boots already but I still really like them.

  2. What a fab project! It has turned out realy well, and the colour choice is lovely! I have started trying to improve my sewing, but have gone for a patchwork quilt (nice and easy squares!).

    1. Cheers! I have to give a lot of credit to my mum for her help. Ooh will we get to see the quilt? I quite fancy making one of those too.

      1. I did make one about 5/6 months ago, and I kept meaning to write a blog post about it, but never got round to it. I am attempting a bigger one this time.

    1. Aww cheers. I am super chuffed and full credit to my mum for her help and laughter through this. I am aiming to do a few more projects this year and so far the 2nd skirt i am making would be a great first project. Xx

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