Cliff Top Canters


Can you believe it is the middle of May already? I am slightly reeling in shock! May is shaping up to be quite busy but in a nice way. I can’t wait for my week off from work at the end of May and even more excitingly our trip up North for a couple of nights.

The weather in Scotland has actually gone a bit downhill of late but has that stopped the horse riding? Of course not! Last weekend I rode Bibi down at Seacliff on a slightly shorter route as I got my timings wrong and thought I was 15 minutes early when I was actually 15 minutes late! As it was just myself and Carol it was also a lesson on the hoof. It is useful to be corrected and pulled up on the certain slightly lazy habits I have picked up. I was trying to make Bibi walk on and eventually it worked but there was some go-slows and some jogging, which he isn’t allowed to do. Bibi is a black cob, he is around 14.1h I believe and he is very sweet natured horse who Heather adores. I can definitely see why.

Normally the canters on the beach are the highlight for me, I can’t wait to be able to canter through the shallows again. But on this ride the tide was in and the sand wasn’t even suitable to trot on and we headed for the cliff top fields. The fields are my hurdle at the moment I don’t know why as this is surely what I am used to, more so than the beach but my body does tense up when we turn into the field.

Bibi was incredibly responsive in the field which even Carol pointed out to me. We had some lovely, smooth, even canters and it was a nice wee boost for my confidence. Now if it would just get warmer!

The lessons have continued as well and these have been focused on me relaxing more when riding and remove my fear of the canter transition. I have now ridden and cantered three different horses at that stables and I have to say that last week I achieved the first goal I set myself and cantered without being worried! It is a small step but it is a step! Next goal I am setting myself is to try and keep weight down both sides in walk and trot, canter balance would be awesome but after all let’s get my basics back first. In 6 lessons time I want to be more balanced but I also want to practise this constantly while hacking. I am also keen to jump on the woodland tracks at Seacliff so balance is key!


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