#30 Days of Cycling and Beyond

I managed the #30daysofcycling throughout April and in the end totalled 258 miles. My legs are sore but definitely look more defined and feel stronger. I also realised that I need to go back to yoga as my shoulders are almost permanently hunched forwards as though on my bike! I have realised that by making the concious decision to cycle everyday it shows how easy using the bike as my main means of transport in the city really is. It does help that I don’t have to carry a lot of stuff for my work as I am a desk based wee worker. I also discovered that a lot of my activity previously was taken up by walking which means that by cycling more I am actually less active time-wise! Quite odd but it has meant I have tried to incorporate other activities into my day and try to walk at lunchtime if I am not out running.

Here are some of my #30daysofcycling highlights and apologies if you have seen some of these pictures on Instagram previously.

bike and looking down Queen's drive
Not too shabby a morning commute – oh and proof that sometimes there is sun in Scotland
Bikes and a garden
That would be hail coming down there!
bike, beach and sea
A classic on Portobello prom, trying to blow the cobwebs away after a dispiriting hack
Skirt and bike handlebars
I can cycle in my made-by-me skirt, a total bonus
Looking into a valley from a bridge
Belles on Bikes ride around Midlothian – beautiful day and fantastic chat, I love cycling with that group
Roslin Chapel
Later on the Belles on Bikes ride – Roslin Chapel and a cake stop
Lots of cyclists on the Royal Mile
Pedal on Parliament is held in April each year – look at all those cyclists.
sunset at dalmeny train station
This is a slight cheat as it was taken during May

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