July – Nourishing and Plastic Free (Hopefully)

Amethyst  Scuplture

July is upon us and I have decided to take part in the Plastic Free July Challenge again but this time I am stepping it up from last year and I am going to try to avoid all single use plastic for the month. I use the word ‘try’ as even while picking up groceries today I looked around the shop and realised so much of the fruit and veg I buy is in plastic – this challenge is going to involve a level of organisation I am not used to! Luckily for me this year I have a buddy for this challenge, the lovely Kelly – a mate in the real world who has been striving to be zero waste for a wee while now. Her Instagram feed (@mninscotland) always inspires me and I love her organisation and preparedness – she even found a bulk food store here. The plan is to take a photo of all the single use plastic we get in the week and share it on Instagram – I will also blog about our progress. With Kelburn Festival this weekend I am hoping to avoid plastic cups as much as I can! Continue reading “July – Nourishing and Plastic Free (Hopefully)”


Rollercoasting on Horseback – the Nerves Go Through the Wringer

views through trees and accoss fields

For some reason June feels like April outside at the moment, but the light nights are lovely which is kind of making up for the fact that I think I have only been outside in short sleeves once so far this year. I am only sort of joking there although to be fair it has meant I have a longer lead in time to make the tshirt and vest top that are next on the sewing list.

Saturday on the other hand was a lovely warm day and there was even sunshine – in fact both days at the weekend were warm meaning the beach I ride on had more people and dogs than we have seen for a long time. The horses are not scared of dogs but lets be honest if you have a dog and you see horses please keep the dog under control – the horse I am on may not be scared of it but it will have no qualms about kicking it should they deem it necessary. Also it is worth noting there are horses that are scared of dogs and dogs that are running around horses legs have a severe chance of being injured and nobody wants that, Continue reading “Rollercoasting on Horseback – the Nerves Go Through the Wringer”

Penny for your Thoughts


Recently I have backed a couple of projects on crowd-funding websites – this method of funding companies and individuals appeals to me and I enjoy being able to read the stories and plans of those asking for help with funding. A couple of the projects I have backed have been cycling related and one is soup related. Today I thought I would flag up one of the cycling ones which is still open and able to be backed.

Now you might have heard of Penny in Yo Pants – it came out of the Glasgow Cyclehack last year. Actually the Cyclehack is happening around the world now and I would recommend following the hashtag #cyclehack on Twitter to get some inspiration and just see normal folks creating innovative solutions for cycle problems they have encountered. Continue reading “Penny for your Thoughts”

Inshriach Shepherd’s Hut

ShepherdsHut*Just a little update to say Walter won the Shed of the Year 2015 for his gin distillery/bar/shop shed at Inshriach – it is incredible and he is a worthy winner

Apologies, I haven’t been a particularly prolific blogger of late but that will all change and we will be back to normal soon – I am trying to decide what type of blog I actual write. At the end of May I had a very welcome week off work. The first few days I chilled out, met friends and went for a sunny beach ride. Then on the Wednesday we loaded up the car with bikes, pjs and gin and headed North for a couple of nights. The weather in Scotland has been strange lately, it is pretty cold and rainy – some sunshine but showers inevitably followed. The rain started when we hit Perth and Mr IHR started to voice concerns about where we were headed.

IMG_1752 (2)

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Lugs – A Legendary Horse

Lugs the Clydesdale

You may have seen Cumbrian Heavy Horses in the news recently due to a horrible, callous attack on one of their mares, Skye. I have never ridden Skye (yet) but she has been on some of the rides I have been on and she is a lovely, sweet mare. It looks like she will be fine and the team at CHH will look after her so well so she will make a speedy recovery and I hope it doesn’t affect her too much.

I also heard lately that Lugs had passed away. He was an absolute legend. He had retired out a few years ago but not before I had the pleasure of riding him. He was my steed for my first ever beach ride – he knew what his job was and he did it to perfection. I started off that ride trying to smile and joke but a fair bit nervous – by the end I was grinning from ear to ear and as well as Annie and her team credit must be go to Lugs. He gave me confidence in my riding and while I was in a good place with my nerves he helped to cement that fleeting glimpse I sometimes experience of ‘oh, I can ride’.
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