Inshriach Shepherd’s Hut

ShepherdsHut*Just a little update to say Walter won the Shed of the Year 2015 for his gin distillery/bar/shop shed at Inshriach – it is incredible and he is a worthy winner

Apologies, I haven’t been a particularly prolific blogger of late but that will all change and we will be back to normal soon – I am trying to decide what type of blog I actual write. At the end of May I had a very welcome week off work. The first few days I chilled out, met friends and went for a sunny beach ride. Then on the Wednesday we loaded up the car with bikes, pjs and gin and headed North for a couple of nights. The weather in Scotland has been strange lately, it is pretty cold and rainy – some sunshine but showers inevitably followed. The rain started when we hit Perth and Mr IHR started to voice concerns about where we were headed.

IMG_1752 (2)

We were off to a converted shepherd’s hut at Inshriach near Aviemore. As we pulled up into the farmyard the rain was pouring down and we were a little worried that we would be stuck in a small tin can looking out at soggy scenery. The owner Walter cam and drove us in a proper, old Landrover over bumpy tracks to the shepherd’s hut. It felt secluded although there were other conversions and a yurt not far away and the farm was only a five minute walk away. We poured ourselves some gin and tonic (with limes provided by Walter when we realised we had forgotten them) and set about exploring.

The wood fired horsebox sauna and the evening sun.
Playing with the camera and the torch
Playing with the camera and torches

The weather was hit and miss but hey that’s Scottish weather for you! We read, ate, napped, chatted and drank gin in lovely surroundings, it was nice to switch off entirely. The conversion to the shepherd’s hut has been done beautifully and it really is a fantastic place. Rather than try to describe it I have put some photos below – credit to Mr IHR for these pictures. We didn’t try the wood-fired sauna or hot tub – we wimped out but maybe if we had been there longer than 2 nights we would have. There was also a sweet little tea room very close by which we stopped at for breakfast on the way down the road. Unfortunately they only do tea & cake (which looked amazing) and even I need something else in the morning before starting to eat cake. They did have a huge window where you can sit and watch all their bird feeders. We saw all the birds listed as visitors (loved the woodpecker) and even saw a red squirrel enjoying their breakfast – the photos of this place were pretty terrible hence no photographic evidence!


If you fancy staying here we would definitely recommend it. I found it on the Canopy and Stars website, I have already started to plan our next trip! I should make clear that this is not a collaborative post, we just had a brilliant time here and had lovely service from Canopy and Stars. Happy holidays!




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