Penny for your Thoughts


Recently I have backed a couple of projects on crowd-funding websites – this method of funding companies and individuals appeals to me and I enjoy being able to read the stories and plans of those asking for help with funding. A couple of the projects I have backed have been cycling related and one is soup related. Today I thought I would flag up one of the cycling ones which is still open and able to be backed.

Now you might have heard of Penny in Yo Pants – it came out of the Glasgow Cyclehack last year. Actually the Cyclehack is happening around the world now and I would recommend following the hashtag #cyclehack on Twitter to get some inspiration and just see normal folks creating innovative solutions for cycle problems they have encountered.

Like all the best ideas the idea behind Penny in Yo Pants is simple – it is a way to make any skirt work on the bike. Now I have one skirt (the green one I made) that is brilliant to cycle in but a lot of my skirts are more problematic having a tendency to move around a lot, ride up and just generally be a little frustrating. Enter Penny in Yo Pants – initially the hack was placing a penny between your legs behind the skirt fabric and secure by wrapping a rubber band round it at the front. Voila turn your skirt into shorts!

Now after a few months of development the team behind Penny in Yo Pants came up with a puck and a ‘coin’ system as people were finding that the penny and rubber bands could damage fabric. To get this up and running they have chosen crowd-funding and already have almost £1,500 raised. They are also donating 5% of the sale of each Penny to support the Afghanistan Women’s Cycling Team – who are absolutely incredible, you can find out more about them using the link below.

I have already got my Penny in Yo Pants and can’t wait to receive it – I will review it when I receive it but in the meantime click the link below to explore the Penny in Yo Pants story further, see videos and if the mood grabs you contribute.


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