July – Nourishing and Plastic Free (Hopefully)

Amethyst  Scuplture

July is upon us and I have decided to take part in the Plastic Free July Challenge again but this time I am stepping it up from last year and I am going to try to avoid all single use plastic for the month. I use the word ‘try’ as even while picking up groceries today I looked around the shop and realised so much of the fruit and veg I buy is in plastic – this challenge is going to involve a level of organisation I am not used to! Luckily for me this year I have a buddy for this challenge, the lovely Kelly – a mate in the real world who has been striving to be zero waste for a wee while now. Her Instagram feed (@mninscotland) always inspires me and I love her organisation and preparedness – she even found a bulk food store here. The plan is to take a photo of all the single use plastic we get in the week and share it on Instagram – I will also blog about our progress. With Kelburn Festival this weekend I am hoping to avoid plastic cups as much as I can!

Now I have mentioned my love of the blog Sustainability in Style a fair few times on here. I love Katie’s ideas and her manner of writing is brilliant – really engaging. When she came up with the idea of JUly being the ‘Nourish’ month I well and truly wanted to jump on the bandwagon. It will be a month about sharing the experiences of being a tourist in this amazing city and a focus on food with the emphasis on local as much as possible. This idea and the Plastic Free July seem to have certain elements in common such as the fact I will be needing to cook more in order to reduce my single use plastic and as Scotland moves blinking into the sunshine of summer my body seems to be craving fresh foods – although possibly also due to my insane pizza addiction!

So those are the plans for July. Hopefully you will enjoy these different posts and don’t worry there will still be some horse riding shenanigans and some cycling adventures and I am also planning some more sewing projects – July seems wonderfully busy already.

The photo at the top of this post is from Jupiter Artland just outside Edinburgh. This sculpture is called The Light Pours Out of Me and it is made from amethyst  by Anya Gallaccio – it was incredible.


2 thoughts on “July – Nourishing and Plastic Free (Hopefully)”

    1. Thanks! I think I will need it, I am now viewing it more as a waste audit in a way as I am finding it really difficult to avoid all single use plastic. I am hoping to pick up some good habits to take forward.

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