Jupiter Artland – Local Tourist Time

Amethyst sculpture

I sometimes wonder if my love of Scotland is born slightly out of my fear of flying – as a way for my brain to trick me into not feeling as though I am missing out when I see amazing photos from around the world or when I see far flung friends and family whose lives are constantly changing and we aren’t as large a part of anymore. Then I tend to stop thinking and analysing so much and head off into my local area.

Today’s post is actually about a trip I took in June. Oddly enough I have been watching posts about Jupiter Artland pop up in my Bloglovin feed over the last couple of weeks and since I love a good bandwagon here I am. Joking aside I have been wanting to visit Jupiter Artland for a couple of years.

Muse Sculpture

I chose to take the bus for the 35 minute journey from Edinburgh city centre to Jupiter Artland main gates in West Lothian. Now I don’t know who wrote that information that the journey would only take 35 minutes but I am assuming that journey was at 4am or something ๐Ÿ™‚ An hour and twenty minutes later I arrived at the gates feeling harassed – I should have taken the bike. I had done a 50 mile cycle the day before and I was worried the legs wouldn’t cope with another 36 but I think they would have been fine. Anyway all that harassed feeling disappeared as I wandered up the drive to meet my mate. We wandered and chatted around the sculpture garden for a good while (we got told off for climbing on a sculpture but I promise you we thought we could, there were no signs and it seemed so climbable – sorry Antony Gormley). The Light Pours Out of Me by Anyaย Gallaccio an amethyst chamber was a definite favourite of mine, the sunlight sparkled in it and the fact it had been raining minutes before gave the chamber a beautiful sheen.

Amethyst Scuplture

I also loved the donkeys and the peacock who gave me an impromptu face massage when he turned round quickly making us laugh. The whole place had a lovely laid back vibe to it where art and nature happily combine and the setting is stunning.

Peacock at Jupiter Artland

It felt like discovering somewhere completely new right on my doorstep and I have been telling everybody about it since. If you are visiting Edinburgh or the surrounding area it is well worth the trip! If you are local I recommend it even more, definitely a worthwhile trip and it can be done by bus or bike – just maybe allow a little more time for travel than I did!

Life Mounds


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