In Search of Plastic Free Raspberries

Plastic free fruit where are you? This month I am trying to refuse all single use plastic and also trying to spend some time nourishing myself food-wise and culture-wise. In Scotland seasonal soft fruit is brilliant. The taste takes me straight back to my childhood where we used to take trips to the pick your own fruit farm to gorge on fruit and play on trampolines, sometimes we even managed to take home a punnet or two. These trips also provided my family with one of our randomest favourite phrases ‘Get out the mangetout!!’ – let’s just say hearing that over a loudspeaker is really amusing. So that meandering story brings me to raspberries – my favourite fruit of them all.In Scotland they are now in season and nowhere can I find them not in plastic. I am on a mission now but I fear I will cave. Fruit not packaged in plastic seems hard to come by unless I trade local, seasonal fruit for hardier fruit such as bananas, oranges and apples but these are currently better travelled than I am and these things bother me greatly. It is a conundrum but a new, incredibly local farmers market to scope it out – wish me luck! I am really craving fruit at the moment as I have discovered a new ridiculously simple breakfast of overnight oats. The addition of raspberries to this dish was lovely, think breakfast cranachan. It is so simple to make – currently I am using 1/2 cup of oats and 2/3 of a cup of milk, mixing it in a kilner jar and leaving overnight in the fridge. I have seen others use milk and yoghurt but bizarrely since being vegan for a month in February I have been finding yoghurt really unappealing. I would try coconut yoghurt but it comes in plastic – plastic is literally everywhere! An attempt at a plastic-free soul-nourishing festival trip will explore that a little more. image In the meantime why not head on over to see Katie at Sustainability in Style and catch up on how her nourishing July is going?


4 thoughts on “In Search of Plastic Free Raspberries”

  1. I’m really enjoying your plastic free adventures. I used to be better at sourcing my fruit plastic free but since having a child I have become terrible. My daughter eats so much fruit and I tend to just grab what’s available and what is cheap and this often means packaging!!! For when fruit is not in season i’m a huge convert to frozen British picked berries, which you can get in most supermarkets. These still come in a plastic bag though!!!

    1. Thanks! Packaging is everywhere so I completely sympathise, it is really great that your daughter loves fruit though. I have to say that i have been finding all my food shopping is taking a fair bit longer than normal although I am cooking more. Can you believe i have never tried frozen berries – daft question but do you cook with them or just defrost & eat?

  2. Coconut Yoghurt has been one of those things I’ve just accepted that we have to buy in plastic. We get 1kg tubs of it here so you don’t have to buy many of them and the whole tub can be recycled in our local area. Berries is another tough one. We have quite a few pick your own strawberries farms in our local area which helps. The containers our berries are sold in here in Australia are 100% recyclable (in my experience) which is better than single use plastics. I tend to avoid frozen berries at all costs because the soft plastic bag they come in can’t be curb-side recycled here and has to be taken to a speciality bin so they mostly end up being single use plastics.

    There are just so many things to think about when shopping. It is surprising that we aren’t all sitting in the foetal position in the freezer isle of the supermarket rocking back and forth crying to ourselves.

    1. Woops I never responded to this and I meant to. That’s great that you can recycle plastic tubs locally, at the moment there is no facility to do this in Edinburgh which confuses me as East Lothian (one of the neighbouring councils) does allow you to. Essentially it looks like I am going to have to try and get to a pick your own or carry my tubs out to be recycled when I go horse riding! How odd, I don’t understand why if it is possible elsewhere why my council don’t implement it! Grrr.

      I think on the frozen berry side I might try and go fruit picking then freeze stuff myself, then I could have fruit for some of the Autumn too although currently Scotland has decided it is Autumn right now ☺

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