Oops – Regular Service will be Resumed Shortly

Hey folks. Sorry I go and tell you that I will post about the interesting things I did during July for the Nourish month theme and about how I was doing with plastic free July and instead…well only a few posts and hardly anything to show you a little more about the wonderful place I live. A wee disclaimer there, I do love living in Edinburgh BUT I would like to see just a wee bit of summer please?!?

Anyway the normal reasons apply as to why my poor wee blogging corner of the internet has been neglected. Work has gone fairly hectic here, it is normal in my office that all our updates have to be done while during the University’s summer break to cause the minimum disruption. Then the odd random occurrence has meant that I have had long, busy days at work (like we all do) and I really haven’t fancied coming home and sitting on the computer.

I did some great things during July, motivated to get out and about by the idea of sharing the other things I do on the blog. That will come throughout August and I will be posting my final thoughts on plastic free July and how I am going to try and incorporate it into my life more. I also cooked more and will share the things I made too. In fact I have just finished cooking some raspberry and chocolate flapjacks ๐Ÿ™‚

In August I will be going on holiday twice and have two weeks away from the office, it will be wonderful and great to just relax. Also the Fringe festival has quite a few venues near my office and frankly it gets a little tiring battling around, obviously the festivals in Edinburgh are amazing but it can just get a wee bit irritating when I am just trying to go home ๐Ÿ™‚ I am also determined to finish painting the living room of my flat and make the scout tshirt – in fact I am off to join that PDF pattern together right now!

Happy August everyone! It is also time for the augustbreak2015 – have a look on Instagram at the tag and join in if you fancy.


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