Sewing – Striking Out on My Own

Red drawstring bag
Hmm I suddenly realise this isn’t really sewed straight is it?

A week or so ago I decided to head along to a sewing meetup. The website meetup is how the cycle group Belles on Bikes organise their rides and I had decided to see if there were any sewing or craft groups that could help me try to get making part of my normal routine. I have joined two and one group constantly puts up classes held in the organisers flat designed to get people making things and actually complete a project in a few hours. Now all the sewing I have done so far has been with my mum, which I love but unfortunately I only catch up with my folks every few weeks and not every occasion is a sewing one. My thoughts are to do a dressmaking course but I thought a couple of these meetup sessions could be a good way to dip my toes in the water.

It was a fun and relaxed evening. I made a simple drawstring bag. I found the different sewing machine a little tricky and I have a tendency to hold the fabric really tight – which oddly enough isn’t a problem, or at least something I had noticed when sewing previously. I enjoyed using the zigzag stitching as decoration on the patch on the front, something simple but different for me.
patterned cat patch on drawstring bag

The stitching isn’t perfect by a long shot but it is the first thing I have made by my own hand plus it has confirmed to me I would like to sew more regularly – I’m going to sign up for an autumn dressmaking course in the evenings.

I am also currently attempting to make a sewing bloggers favourite – the Scout tshirt. It is a pretty basic pattern and I have so far traced the pattern, cut out the pattern pieces and cut out everything in the cute sailing themed cotton I have. It is going okay although my cutting out of the fabric leaves a bit to be desired and my mum has suggested it is because I didn’t use a hard surface to cut out. I think I might prefer a more fitted tshirt in the end (do other sewers look at the pattern pieces they have cut out and think they are huugggeee?) but I am really waiting to sew it up and then work out if I want to put in darts or something. And to be fair since I managed to get paint all over my favourite boxy tshirt when painting the living room I could really do with a new version πŸ™‚
pattern pieces for scout tshirt waiting to be cut out

On that – hmm will I like this item note I have also started working my way through the Colette Wardrobe Architect worksheets – this is with a view to making or indeed buying clothes that fit my personal style and to hopefully not end up with more skirts like the Delphine one I made. That skirt was very pretty but definitely not for me. My mate liked it though and that was a great feeling to give someone something I had made.


6 thoughts on “Sewing – Striking Out on My Own”

  1. Fun! I love sewing, even though I couldn’t sew straight to save my life. The last thing I sewed was a little fleece pouch filled with rice that I can heat up and use as a bit warmer once it starts to get cold.

  2. I think it is fantastic that you are really getting the bit between your teeth with the sewing. My machine is coming out after my dissertation goes in. I’ve reclaimed some cotton from a ripped duvet cover that I’m hoping to turn into a skirt at least… Ps – love the term Belles on Bikes!

    1. Thanks Meg. I am definitely thinking about getting my own sewing machine now. I am also wondering how to use fabric reclaimed from jeans. Ooh that’s exciting that you can see the end with the dissertation. Good luck!

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