Sunny Hacks and September Plans

Bass Rock & Tantallon Castle

September is here, I think it might be one of my favourite months. There is still warmth and the golden evening light is beautiful, I read today that some people feel that September can be a fresh start kind of month (even if we are a little old for the back-to-school feel of the month – though in Scotland we always go back to school in August) and I think I agree with them. However, this September started a little flat or more accurately August ended a little flat, the cross country in Ireland was amazing and the Peak District break beautiful but both were over, my nerves had reappeared on a hack and I felt tired & headache-y. Then September appeared and it was back to work, which seems as busy as ever, and back into routine – the flat is messy and we seem unable to keep it tidy and my never ending self-analysis when it comes to my nerves is bothering even me 🙂

horses and riders stood on beach
Ned and Bibi looking enthusiastic or not?

Then September managed to kick me into shape within about two days. Yes, work is busy but that’s how it has to be, if I hate it I will have to leave but currently there are more positives to my job than negatives. As for the riding well….two riding reviews are coming your way and I had a fun lesson then a sunshine fuelled hack which have reminded me what I enjoy about riding. Yesterday for example we had a couple of canters in the stubble fields, I went just with the instructor as one of the lasses wasn’t particularly in control – this decision has irked me since as really I control my horse not someone else. The lovely leader gave me some helpful tips which improved the cantering experience for me, simple tips such as taking up more contact and trying to get the horse more forward. I’m not quite there with my nerves but that’s okay and I should enjoy what I do – for example today we tore about on the beach – cantering the full length of the beach or so it seemed. Surfers in the waves, kids playing, the smell of bbqs and us playing in the waves on the horses – so much fun.

There was a lot of laughter on this hack and some great pictures, I also have video footage! I am planning to put together some clips from the Ireland trip and the last couple of hacks and lessons – be warned! Today’s hack also cemented the fact that while I enjoy riding Bibi I don’t click with him. Hacks like today remind me of Sunday afternoons spent out with Tx and I think I miss feeling that connection with a horse *sigh* that will come I guess. In the meantime I will have a think and set myself a few small goals, including maybe riding some different horses at Seacliff.

I have also just started a 4 week dressmaking course at Red Thread Studio, one class in and I have already cut my pattern and played with stitching on a sewing machine that has a ‘tortoise’ setting! A sewing machine after my own heart I feel. It is also only two weeks until I head down to Cumbrian Heavy Horses for a couple of days with one of my mates – this time we are staying in a wee hotel with a bar, because a drink is always welcome especially after a full day helping out and riding!

Along with the East Lothian Sportive at the end of the month September is shaping up nicely. I will try to catch up with the blog posts shortly, honestly AnnaHarvey was incredible – plus it only rained once!

For more September idea see the September Sunday Supplement from the lovely Seeds and Stitches.


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