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It’s been a while hasn’t it? I am fairly sure that like me you follow a lot of blogs and hadn’t really noticed this little one being very quiet. I had noticed, I kept getting myself stressed about not having posted which then lead to me having ideas to post but none seeming ‘good enough’ to be the return to blogging post.

In the end a new challenge and the chance to collaborate with one of my favourite bloggers, raise awareness and hopefully some cash for a good cause combined to mean this post is the first in a couple of months.

December in Scotland is an interesting month, sometimes there is snow, sometimes it is unseasonably warm, inevitably there will be rain and the city I call home does love the wind to howl through the streets sending Christmas shoppers scurrying into shops, pubs and cafes for refuge. December means getting the winter coat out, finding the scarves, extracting the scarves from a teething puppy’s mouth, cleaning the scarf and then remembering that yet again I have forgotten to buy gloves and will spend winter with my hands in my pockets like a surly teenager 🙂

It is the perfect time for a clothing challenge – enter Dressember. An interesting idea started a number of years ago by Blythe Hill. A way of using her skills to try to make a change, a way to use fashion, blogging and collaboration to try to do something about an issue that seems so huge. Human trafficking. Estimations put over 30 million people trapped in slavery around the world at the moment, existing in every city in the world. When you hear figures like that it beggars belief.

Dressember uses clothing to help to raise awareness of the existence of modern slavery and give a voice to women who have been exploited for their femininity. The choices we make everyday affect others and can be a cry for change, this includes your clothing and at heart part of the reason I am so interested in sustainable and ethical clothing.

I had read the book Half the Sky earlier this year, a book focused in on amazing stories of women throughout Africa and Asia who have struggled against terrible circumstances. The book should be depressing but its not, its inspirational and I would recommend everyone read it. Sometimes the problems of the world around us feel too large to take on but I tell you what, listening to Blythe Hill talk in her TedX talked, linked below really fired me up.

Yes, it is a challenge about wearing a dress each day in December but by doing this I can help to raise money and awareness, oppose the worldwide trafficking and exploitation of people. Over the whole of Dressember I hope to be posting more regularly, raising some funds and collaborating with others. The lovely Katie Roberts of Sustainability in Style first brought this challenge onto my radar and I have joined up to her team. She is taking it one step further and wearing the official Dressember dress throughout the month while I will focus on wearing the 5 dresses I have in my wardrobe but I will post more about that shortly.

So on the eve of Dressember I invite you to watch the videos on the pages below and to think of wearing a dress in a different light.



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    1. Haha well do you know what I am trying on Instagram but no full length mirror at home so taking pictures in the lift 🙂

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