It’s been a while…

Well I posted at the start of December with good intentions of posting more often again but it came to nothing. The longer I left it the more I felt I should really have something to say before posting, that gave me writer’s block and while I composed posts in my head while cycling or walking home they never made it out of my head. So here it is, the first post of 2016. Firstly, I should explain that I have been slightly overwhelmed by getting a puppy (I know, I know – it isn’t that big a thing but bear with me 🙂 ) and then all my free time was spent attempting to create some wonderful homemade Christmas presents. Some of those I was incredibly pleased with, some were learning experiences! This post is all about riding and horses but I will be back with one about my sewing/knitting and crochet plans for 2016 and hopefully some new reviews for you.

I haven’t been riding at weekends as much since we have gotten the puppy (he is all over Instagram so feel free to have a glance at the feed if you want to know what the hairy idiot looks like) but I have managed to keep getting lessons once a week. I’m seeing small improvements, I am now getting on a horse and getting working rather than spending 25 minutes attempting to walk a little faster. I am starting to notice my balance improving again and after two paces of canter I now tend to be able to smile and breathe without having to be reminded. All these things are great.

I do want to mention in this post two horses that have meant the world to me over the past few years of riding and that are sadly no longer around. They have mentioned frequently on the blog as Td and Tx – their full names were Ted and Twix.

Twix was the pony I never owned, I felt incredible riding him – if I ever had to try something new then he was the pony I did it with. A chestnut highland pony with the patience of a saint around kids while being an absolute gem with the adults. I remember giving him a pep talk in the stables before we joined an advanced class – we were nose to nose in the stall with me repeating ‘we will not embarrass ourselves’ not realising that people could hear us 🙂 In the class he excelled and in my humble opinion outshone the other horses. We might have been small but we were mighty! We did dressage together, hacked out on numerous times together, had so many private lessons together where we both pushed each other but I never stopped trusting him. I nearly fell off him so many times, once when we were out in the snow and I was riding bareback I forgot I had no saddle and jumped to the left nearly exiting his back entirely – Twix just halted and waited for me to right myself and then we caught up. On one hack I was day dreaming and ended up slightly left behind in a stubble field – did we hare across the field nah we have a beautiful canter across a field framed by autumn leaves and a blue sky. I will always miss this pony, he was one in a million. I won’t lie I shed tears for him, no pony can replace this pony – he gave me back my love for riding. These pictures aren’t the best but they are the only ones I have.

And Ted…well what can I say about Ted. The horse who used to bump my fist with his nose as a way of greeting me. The horse that used to canter off with everyone just because…EVERYTHING is improved by canter, actually Ted some things aren’t 🙂 He seemed like an easy horse to ride to those who didn’t ride him, to those who did he was a wiggle monster, a seasoned school pony who new the tricks to get out of working. He brought my confidence back from an all time low, he reminded me that if you let them horses can help you overcome your nerves. He reminded me to laugh at them, he used to throw his rug down the walkway in the stables when I turned my back and then stamp his feet like a child. His canter was so smooth and his cheeky spirit was brilliant to see. At the very least he is with Piper now, the horse he was so strongly bonded to that he used to throw a strop if Piper wasn’t in his stall next to him.

I have put links below to some of my favourite blog posts about these guys – I will miss the other horses to Am who was Amber, B who was Billy and Au who was Aurora. I was lucky enough to ride them all and they have been mentioned on this blog too.



2 thoughts on “It’s been a while…”

    1. Yeah, he might get away with a bit too much as he is so cute 🙂 Thanks, I was pretty upset when it all happened but I am starting to see I was lucky to get to know them.

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