Holiday Style

After a couple of years of resolving to post outfit pictures I finally manage to post some. These pictures were taken while we were on holiday last week. We started the week with blue skies in Glencoe and ended the week on the Isle of Mull with grey skies and a chill in the air. Chop dealt with the ferry and staying in the motorhome really well, he barked at the clear, starlit, inky black sky in Glencoe – it looks like he is a true city dog now. Leith has changed him 🙂 We did lots of walking but no skiing for me as I’m still unable to run or cycle due to this lingering virus (3 months and counting).

This outfit is typical for me at the moment and I feel really comfortable and like myself in it. I have chosen to end my participation in ‘no new clothes for a year’ challenge. I started in September and slipped up three times before stopping fully in early March. I had my own reasons for joining the challenge as I already know a lot about the clothing industry and luckily I can choose where to shop and can avoid fast fashion brands choosing to shop 2nd hand first and with brands whose ethics I agree with. I also still like to support local companies and my love of Finisterre shows no signs of abating!

I found the challenge was making me miserable. Many of my clothes didn’t feel like me. I felt uncomfortable in them and just wanted to have a clear out. My taste outstrips my sewing skills and ability, I don’t want to end up getting frustrated and giving up sewing when I can’t make the things I would like. This made me revise my idea that I could make what I needed to fill any gaps in my wardrobe! My black trousers were wearing out, the jeans I have I don’t particularly like and many pieces simply don’t fit in with my lifestyle.

I also discovered through the Facebook group that most other people on the challenge were really enjoying it, I found myself constantly window shopping and I felt like a failure. That was until I chatted with Katie from Sustainability in Style the original creator of this challenge. She told me to go back and look at my original reasons for doing the challenge – had I achieved them? Do you know what I feel I have, I have definitely worked out my style. These outfits are my casual go to style. Now I accept that I want to replace the jeans as they aren’t the best but that can wait – I’m now working on stopping the cycle of payday spending but without any new challenges instead just step by step. First up a big clear out is taking place, not only in my wardrobe but in the whole flat – don’t worry the puppy stays though.

ChopAndMeOnTheFerry (2)
On the ferry to Mull. Hat knitted by me, Seafolly jacket by Seasalt.

Fancy an interesting online read? I would recommend Katie’s post on Freetown Fashpack, enjoy the awesome style on show in that post 🙂


2 thoughts on “Holiday Style”

  1. Interesting and honest post. I think there can be such a focus on Nothing challenges, in the same way that the internet is full of something-free diets and minimalism. I suspect the media only laps up the “extreme” approach but I firmly believe that moderation is the key for sustainability. Moderation isn’t a headline grabber but it is actually very hard to achieve. On the upside it allows flexibility for discovery, adventure and pleasure. So I hope you have fun having a good old fashion clear out ( I need to do a good spring cleaning toon!), that you thoroughly enjoy the new pair of jeans and that you continue to enjoy your sewing and knitting! And of course, Chop’s company too!

    1. Thanks Meg. I agree – for me moderation and thinking about each purchase it what I wish to do and to a large extent I already do that. Perhaps that’s why this challenge felt so hard and miserable. I think for some people these challenges work well but I don’t think they are for me. Interestingly I am quite adamant in my dislike of the something-free diets (I know, coming from a veggie that sounds odd) and the bizarre minimalism that suggests you should get rid of everything you own bar three items but this clothing challenge I thought was for me. Mike actually hasn’t agreed with me doing this one from the start, obviously he is very supportive but he felt that it was entirely unnecessary and that the amount of progress I have made in how I choose to spend my money on clothing over the many years we have been together was a better method of doing it.
      I am loving knitting at the moment! I just wish I had more time to do it. I am working on my first jumper, am tempted to try socks next and have signed up to a new sewing class, a blog post I read about starting sewing has really stuck with me which has also helped me see that expecting to make all my clothes now is a daft notion but instead to enjoy the learning experience. I am planning a blog post about this feeling.
      Next time you are up this way you should come and meet Chop, he would be thrilled to see you – he is very much a people dog (and a dog’s dog, actually anything that shows an interest in him ☺ ).

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