More Making Plans!

While scrolling through my Instagram feed I came across a photo from t*rexes and tiaras showing the start of a lovely coloured cardigan, she mentioned this was one of her Make Nines for 2016. My interest was suitably piqued so I started searching and it turns out a lot of makers out there have been giving lists of nine things they would like to make this year and sharing it out. I like this idea, nine items doesn’t sound too much and I can combine crocheting, knitting and sewing into a wee ideas list.

I had tried to pull together a list of knitting, crocheting and sewing things i would like to have achieved by the end of the year but I never got round to writing them all up. Instead here are nine things I would like to try and make and my progress so far. My vintage pledge still stands and two of the items here are vintage style so I would still meet my target!


  • Cardigan (knitted)
  • Julia cardigan – jersey cardigan that I first saw on Franca’s blog and have aspired to sew ever since



  • Pencil skirt – a casual knit fabric one preferably
  • Shirt/blouse – I am loving the casual looser styles and so far eBay has not been my friend on this front
  • Tshirt from the Simplicity pattern I already have
  • Casual/smart skirt – the McCalls 6993 pattern
  • Simplicity sleeveless top

Julia Jumper

I am currently knitting this one up a treat. It is a simple pattern, moss stitch mainly and for some that might be boring but for me it is good practise. I am a little nervous about joining in a new ball of yarn but I am sure it will be fine, I have the internet to guide me! I can see that this kit isn’t great value for money in some respects but it has inspired me to actually try knitting a jumper for my 3rd project and I think that is a good thing.

Collete Moneta Dress

I start a new dressmaking class to make this dress out of jersey(!) fabric today. I really want to sew with jersey, most of my favourite items are made from this material so to continue with making things in woven when this class was available seemed a little daft. I still plan to sew with woven fabrics but I am excited by learning about this new fabric.

Any tips for patterns for the items that I haven’t specified a pattern for would be great. Does anyone else have a make nine list they want to share?


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