On My Knitting Needles


I thought I would start a new wee series on the blog trying to document my learning to knit. I’m also going to do one on sewing. Personally I find that documenting your journey when learning can be really helpful when you start out on something as it helps show how far you have come along. Sometimes we get so focused on our failures that we don’t remember that we are learning a new skill, that takes time!

This month I am busy knitting up a storm, I am back on track with my Julia jumper after managing to get confused over my stitches and forgetting I was doing moss stitch. I am still on the first body piece of my jumper, it is roughly 108 rows until I get to start casting off. I am at row 65 and counting. I am focusing on the process of learning the stitch, when you look at people who are able to knit without concentrating on their needles they had to start somewhere! One day I will get there.

The Julia jumper doesn’t have any shaping in it really and is literally just two rectangles for the body then smaller rectangles for the sleeves although the sleeves do have increases in them which is something I have yet to tackle. I am toying with the idea of trying out one of Andi Satterlund’s patterns for her and Lladybird‘s Outfit Along which is running from the 1st of June to the 31st of July but I’m not sure what level they sit at so I am a little intimidated, I don’t want to get disheartened with my knitting at this stage. It is tricky to know what would be a good next step for my knitting, in the meantime I have another hat request from Mr IHR and I need to knit myself another one as I have managed to lose mine already (along with my beloved FitBit, honestly I feel bereft without my little flashing lights).



4 thoughts on “On My Knitting Needles”

  1. Good to see you are still bitten by the knitting bug. Focusing on and enjoying the process is the best way to develop the muscle memory that will eventually allow you to knit without concentrating. Also, Andi Sutherland’s patterns are really good for knitting cute cardigans/tops even if you’re relatively new to knitting: worsted weight wool, 5mm needles and she spells out virtually every line (compared to some more cryptic pattern writers). I would say I find most of her patterns a little too cropped but that’s easy to fix – just add more regular rows between the decrease rows. You’ll be sporting a cute Andi cardigan with a homemade skirt before you know it!!

    1. I was hoping you might be able to advise me on andi’s patterns Meg, thanks. I think I will have a bash at one then, she just released a wee jumper with a lace back – it’s pretty cool. My goal is to one day be like yourself, still remember meeting you in London and you were casually knitting while standing waiting.

      1. How funny that you remember that! Do you mean the Zinone? I reckon that would be doable as there doesn’t seem to be any complicated shaping. Lace is nothing to be scared of, especially not in Andi’s patterns. In essence, it’s the result of combining knitting 2 or 3 stitches together (which decreases the number of stitches) and yarn overs (which create new stitches to compensate and make the holes in lace). Audi’s lace motifs are very intuitive too. When you’re starting out it can be helpful to use stitch markers to show the repeats. Also, look up lifelines on You Tube, which can be useful if you’r worried about making mistakes and having to unpick rows.

      2. I remember all kinds of random things. I am great at remembering faces and names but often have no idea why I know them. Yes! It is Zinone, I would like to try lace and I thought it looked like a good pattern to try for a wee bit of shaping but nothing overly complex. Right, you have convinced me – I’m going to go for it! Thanks as ever Meg.


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