Just Keep Trotting

Happy Monday folks! I had a bit of a bleurgh horse riding lesson at the weekend. I had Td and I was a little disappointed I didn’t ride him better especially as I felt he was listening to me most of the time. It was a tough lesson space wise as we had the 3 largest horses in with us and I felt constantly worried Td and I were in the way so kept bailing out of exercises when in open order. Continue reading “Just Keep Trotting”

How does your sportswear perform? Part 4 Finisterre

First up an admission with all the other brands I have written about in this series of posts I actually own an item of their clothing, this is the first company I want to write about whose items I can’t actually review personally although hopefully I will be able to include one later this year.
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How does your sportswear perform? Part 3 Sweaty Betty

This series of posts are all being published on the ethical high street website as well at www.ethicalhighstreet.co.uk. The website is definitely worth a visit.

Apologies for the delay between posts on this topic, as with everyone this time of year seems to eat your time up – but not in a bad so I can’t complain about it. Anyway, next on my list of sportswear brands in my wardrobe would be Sweaty Betty. Now Sweaty Betty is a relative newcomer to the market and every item I own from them has gathered positive comments, in fact for around a year I had what can only be described as an addiction to Sweaty Betty items 🙂 Luckily the Wartime Wardrobe Challenge has helped me kick that one but their items are some of the ones I wear most often now. Continue reading “How does your sportswear perform? Part 3 Sweaty Betty”

How does your sportswear perform? Part 2 – Ronhill

This is the second in a series of posts I am doing about sportswear and its ethics. You can read the first one here, they are also being posted on the new ethical shopping online resource ethicalhighstreet.co.uk which I would recommend that you have a look at as there are some great articles, information and resources there.

The Company

Now I am not sure if this truly is the case but it seems like the first item of running specific clothing anyone buys is usually by Ronhill – my scientific study involved asking some people :). Continue reading “How does your sportswear perform? Part 2 – Ronhill”

How does your sportswear perform? Part 1 – Howies

I have mentioned in previous posts how keen I am to start looking at ethical performance sportswear and I have decided to do a series of short posts about each of the brands that I currently have as part of my sports wardrobe, their ethical credentials, sustainability credentials and how the items I currently own perform. I will then post about some new brands I have been looking into and end with a round up. These companies have all been asked the same questions initially but how they have answered them have been different. Continue reading “How does your sportswear perform? Part 1 – Howies”