The inelegant cyclist is born

I should warn you all that this is likely to be the start of a few posts about cycling over the next couple of months as I gear (like what I did there?) up for Tour o’ the Borders in August. Two weeks ago I finally accepted that cycling 12 miles a day on my commute was unlikely to prepare me that well for 55 miles and 3615ft of climbing and looked for a training plan. The mate I am doing it with has done a lot more cycling than me and is strong on her bike (and strong mentally, she has the ability to just keep going which I really admire) but she is also a social whirlwind meaning long training rides with her are unlikely to happen. So I have had to strike out on my own and I have found out something…I love cycling. I sang that Pharell Williams song ‘Happy’ as I cycled up and through East Lothian for 20 miles last Saturday, it probably helped that the sun was shining that day and I had been out riding earlier on and had enjoyed a great riding experience. Continue reading “The inelegant cyclist is born”


April Check In

January feels like a looonnnggg time ago (horse riding wise last month feels like a lifetime ago – you know, when I used to actually ride a horse 🙂 ).In January I wrote about some things I wanted to try and do this year. Given that we are four months in I thought I would check in with them. In previous years I have made my lists then forgotten about them until December, hopefully if I review my progress on the blog maybe I will remember to do them – that’s the plan anyway. Continue reading “April Check In”

Hula-ing Your Cares Away

A quick exercise update today. So as you are all undoubtedly aware I haven’t been able to run really since last June (I hardly ever mention it 😉 ) well I am now back run/walking and it seems ok. I am planning a trip to the physio just to be sure, I don’t want to have my whole body in pain like in September when I last tried to run so I am being careful. Continue reading “Hula-ing Your Cares Away”