Cliff Top Canters


Can you believe it is the middle of May already? I am slightly reeling in shock! May is shaping up to be quite busy but in a nice way. I can’t wait for my week off from work at the end of May and even more excitingly our trip up North for a couple of nights.

The weather in Scotland has actually gone a bit downhill of late but has that stopped the horse riding? Of course not! Last weekend I rode Bibi down at Seacliff on a slightly shorter route as I got my timings wrong and thought I was 15 minutes early when I was actually 15 minutes late! As it was just myself and Carol it was also a lesson on the hoof. It is useful to be corrected and pulled up on the certain slightly lazy habits I have picked up. I was trying to make Bibi walk on and eventually it worked but there was some go-slows and some jogging, which he isn’t allowed to do. Bibi is a black cob, he is around 14.1h I believe and he is very sweet natured horse who Heather adores. I can definitely see why. Continue reading “Cliff Top Canters”


The One with the Whole Gang

On Sunday I got the chance to ride out at Seacliff, the new hacking stables I have been out and about at, with my normal riding crew. In the car journey down me and one of the lasses were discussing that our “normal” class probably now needs split. There are a fair few people interested in jumping and becoming more and more confident in their riding whilst then there is me and maybe I guess a couple of others. I don’t really want to learn to jump, or if I do I just want to do some wee cross-country style affairs, and of course at the minute my confidence levels mean that at times I don’t even canter. I would miss the girls so much if our class was split and we did say that we should make sure we ride and hack together still. So it was a bit of a sobering thought turning up at the stables to think I might not ride with these girls that much any more. Continue reading “The One with the Whole Gang”

Blue Sky Riding

This weekend was packed with horse riding and biking. I had a private lesson at my usual stables on Friday afternoon and then went back to the stables I was at last weekend (Well that was more fun!) on the Saturday afternoon. I lucked out both days with sunshine and blue skies, in fact it was so warm on the Saturday the beach was getting pretty busy and we had to be careful of little kids – don’t worry we were, I ran no children over and given my spacial awareness some credit definitely goes to my pony ๐Ÿ™‚ Continue reading “Blue Sky Riding”

Remember when I enjoyed riding??

Oh for crying out loud. Today the riding did not go well, I did manage to voluntarily dismount while Td was moving and just essentially gave up. I got back on about ten minutes later and did a bit of walking around but frankly feeling quite a lot like giving up for a while. Ho hum, could rename the blog ย the Inelegant Cyclist?? Just being a melodramatic fool but there it is. A different instructor and I really didn’t click with her at all but this one is all on me, not on anyone else or on Td – just cannot see how I can hack next week and enjoy it. Some positive mantras in the mirror?? Continue reading “Remember when I enjoyed riding??”

End of An Era

So Sunday was the last lesson with my instructor. It was a lovely lesson, everyone else jumped except myself (I haven’t seen Td jump so unsurprisingly I was nervous), we did some pole work and I got some good canters in. One of the horses, Am, was jumping big but her rider sat beautifully – I reckon that she is on her way to being a showjumper!
We had another instructor watching our lesson, she taught my old instructor so if she can get me to be even a 100th as good as my old instructor I would be impressed and ecstatic!

I always enjoy riding Td and at the end I even took a “selfie” (see below). I was inspired by my mate whoย  got a much better one of her and Ct last week. Continue reading “End of An Era”

The One where I Actually Go Over a Jump

So last night was my last private lesson with my current instructor and it was fun! I left on a total high, it might have been the sunshine, it might have been the jumping, it might have been the beautiful sunset or the great canter I got but it was a really nice way to end part of my journey with my instructor – I still have Sunday’s lesson but that will be different I am sure. Continue reading “The One where I Actually Go Over a Jump”

Now where did I place my confidence?

Okay I have a confession. I don’t enjoy jumping…there I said it! Maybe I lack the right mindset but there is simply more relief than anything else when I cross a jump. Perhaps it is just that I can’t seem to have a lesson where something ridiculous doesn’t happen …oh and of course the fact that I have cried in 2 of my last 5 lessons doesn’t help. Honestly for a 32 year old woman to be crying at horse riding seems totally daft/pathetic. Continue reading “Now where did I place my confidence?”