My Vintage Sewing Pledge 2016

If you follow me on Instagram you will have seen that for my birthday I received a sewing machine! I decided to get a Janome CXL301, which is a computerised one – part of me still hankers after an old fashioned basic one, in fact a treadle one would be brilliant but let’s be realistic something that helps me sew button holes is always going to be helpful. It is also the machine I used at my dressmaking class I took B.C. (you know, before Chop 🙂 ), I loved the fact that it has an adjustable speed for the foot pedal and the set up of it was a breeze. Of course the fact I had the lovely Rachel to advise probably helped there. Continue reading “My Vintage Sewing Pledge 2016”


#30 Days of Cycling and Beyond

I managed the #30daysofcycling throughout April and in the end totalled 258 miles. My legs are sore but definitely look more defined and feel stronger. I also realised that I need to go back to yoga as my shoulders are almost permanently hunched forwards as though on my bike! I have realised that by making the concious decision to cycle everyday it shows how easy using the bike as my main means of transport in the city really is. It does help that I don’t have to carry a lot of stuff for my work as I am a desk based wee worker. I also discovered that a lot of my activity previously was taken up by walking which means that by cycling more I am actually less active time-wise! Quite odd but it has meant I have tried to incorporate other activities into my day and try to walk at lunchtime if I am not out running. Continue reading “#30 Days of Cycling and Beyond”

It’s That Time of Year…

So I know, I know it is the 4th of January and I should have had a 2014 review post up alongside a 2015 goals post if I was organised but hey, that can be a goal this year 🙂

For me 2014 was a pretty nice year, I wrote a post about what I hoped to achieve at the start of the year and I thought I would review it although I also wanted to put some context around it all. I had a nice, positive year in the main as with everyone there were some low points in the main I have recorded those on the blog especially when related to my horse riding. I have also found this year more stressful workwise and I think my health and fitness suffered a little as a result. I have found this winter that I have had more illnesses and have felt rundown more often. However, I am lucky as I still really enjoy my job and I feel I need to have better methods of coping with stress alongside prioritising my workload more effectively.

Continue reading “It’s That Time of Year…”