Joining the Ethical Fashion Collective


I follow the blogs of Mel Wiggins and The Owl and the Accordion written by Victoria, both are great blogs and have interesting, thoughtful pieces along with show casing various ethical brands and top tips for eBay shopping. Last week I read about an idea that they had come up with together (don’t you love it when you find out your favourite bloggers are friends!), the Ethical Fashion Collective and it immediately intrigued me. Basically it is an idea to save some space online to show off and share information about ethical fashion – this includes vintage/second hand/articles/small brands/big brands – you name it! The idea is to do this on the 1st Friday of each month, and I love it! While I have my own reservations about the phrase ‘ethical fashion’ and prefer ‘ethical style’ I see no need to prescribe that to others and I’m excited to join in. Continue reading “Joining the Ethical Fashion Collective”


January – A Month In Clothes Purchases

Hmmm ethical style yes, sustainable style- not sure this month will show me at my best on that front. January has flown by for me and somehow I have also managed to end up filling my wardrobe with new things. Mainly brand new ethical purchases but I reckon I may have to take an enforced break from clothes consumption. I can’t believe the tally I ratched up, with that in mind I am going to try and take a rough tally each month to try and pinpoint my consumption habits and reduce them. I am definitely a sufferer of ‘Oh that item will definitely complete my wardrobe and I will never buy again’ syndrome 🙂

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Just Keep Trotting

Happy Monday folks! I had a bit of a bleurgh horse riding lesson at the weekend. I had Td and I was a little disappointed I didn’t ride him better especially as I felt he was listening to me most of the time. It was a tough lesson space wise as we had the 3 largest horses in with us and I felt constantly worried Td and I were in the way so kept bailing out of exercises when in open order. Continue reading “Just Keep Trotting”

A Lesson with Mr B and a Christmas jumper (or two)

There has been talk around the stables that they might be setting up some jumps around the fields meaning we might get a wee bit of cross country on the go – it is very exciting. I was gutted not to do the proper cross country course at AnnaHarvey last year (oh well I just need to go again :)) but having one in my back garden – ace! Plus I do need to work on my jumping.

Anyway, we had a lovely hack last Sunday. Cold but dry with a great long canter in the middle. I originally had Jm (the white Highland speed demon I have spoken about before) but swapped to Td as I wasn’t feeling too great and I like too have all my faculties when riding Jm. Td was brilliant as ever and the canter was lovely, except we had to hold back a little B and Am were spraying mud at us! But do you know in the intervening time I have gotten annoyed with myself for swapping – why did I do this? I should have ridden Jm anyway instead of treating him differently from the other horses. So I am making a decision – whoever I am given I will take! Continue reading “A Lesson with Mr B and a Christmas jumper (or two)”

How does your sportswear perform? Part 1 – Howies

I have mentioned in previous posts how keen I am to start looking at ethical performance sportswear and I have decided to do a series of short posts about each of the brands that I currently have as part of my sports wardrobe, their ethical credentials, sustainability credentials and how the items I currently own perform. I will then post about some new brands I have been looking into and end with a round up. These companies have all been asked the same questions initially but how they have answered them have been different. Continue reading “How does your sportswear perform? Part 1 – Howies”