Cheers Femurs

This month I have been dipping in and out of April loves, a month of daily reflective prompts created by Susannah Conway. One prompt really stood out for me – legs. Like many women I struggle to accept my body but I have come a long way and it started with my legs.


Dear legs,

We have been through a fair bit haven’t we? I have always hated you – well throughout my teens and twenties focusing on your size. The wobble when I walked, the paleness of you in Spring and Summer. When I started running in my mid twenties it was always baggy numbers, full length or cropped. Any exercise class was done in baggy trousers, in fact most of my clothing on the bottom half were baggy. I remember measuring my thighs repeatedly – cheering when the number decreased. Continue reading “Cheers Femurs”


Jog On

So what did I do at the weekend? Oh yeah – I became an official Jog Scotland leader! I am really excited about this, it has been on my mind to do this for a while but it came about really quickly in the end.

I have been running on and off for around nine years now and a major part of that has been thanks to the Jog Scotland group at my work. I have made great friends from this group (all the Team Bambi members were Jog Scotland members initially) and it helps me get motivated to get my arse outside for a run on those days where the weather is miserable or I feel like my head is going to explode at work.

Continue reading “Jog On”